Duplicate Services: How It All Adds Up

The other day I was helping a friend sort through her expenses as she tried to save herself from an impending job loss. Things were going well until I got to her Internet expenses. She was paying $40 per month for high speed Internet at home. She was also paying another $50 per month for unlimited Internet access on her cellphone. Added on top of that, she had recently begun paying another $30 per month for Internet access on her iPad. All of that combined for a total of $120 per month for Internet access. I asked her if she was aware of exactly how much she was paying for this one service per month.

“No. I didn’t realize that. These things just add up. I got a phone and signed u


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6 Responses to Duplicate Services: How It All Adds Up

  1. Jennifer – This is really a great article! I hope your friend appreciated the time that you spent with her in sorting through her finances. Sometimes a little common sense really goes a long way towards eliminating cost burdens!

  2. Stephan says:

    Awsome article, and it really makes it so obvious how many things there are that we can waste our money on each month. When it comes to internet, if you have an ipad, get rid of your home internet connection, its probably cheaper getting it just on the ipad comapred to the likely phone internet tv package you have through your cable provider. Just some common sense tips, and many people could save hundreds each month. I recently cut my premium channels and got rid of one of the cable boxes in my house. It saved me close to 60$ a month.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    So true! Great article.

  4. FinanceFreak says:

    Great article. This could save quite a few readers significant money.

  5. thriftorama says:

    Yeah. I love the Internet and on-demand netflix, but really, I feel in many ways our grandparents had it so much easier when it comes to expenses. If they didn’t qualify for a fixed-rate mortgage, they didn’t buy a house, and there weren’t as many nickel and diming ways to lose money every month.

  6. Gail says:

    I don’t even know what an Ipad is! We don’t have a cell phone and when we finally got satellite internet this year, we dropped the second landline that had been our internet connection as we have an internet based business. This is something we try to be very aware of, those expenses that add up, as we just haven’t had the money to pay for them. However, when I see so many people with these gadgets, etc. I do wonder how they can afford them.

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