Finding Motivation: A Life Without Debt

I’m frequently asked how I stay motivated to remain out of debt. After all, there are so many temptations and so many fun things that I could blow my money on. People assume that it is hard for me to remain motivated and disciplined. Sometimes it is. Like anyone else, I have days when I just want something and I want it now. I just want to go blow money and forget the consequences. To remain debt free, though, I have to check the worst of those impulses.

When you’re trying to get out of debt you can see the end goal and that provides motivation. You know that when you’ve paid off $X amount of money you will be debt free. You keep going to reach that number. You’re fir


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8 Responses to Finding Motivation: A Life Without Debt

  1. London student says:

    Brilliant article.

    It’s like keeping up motivation to do anything in life in addition to controlling your personal finance. If you don’t set goals you may deviate from a certain path you were on.

    I think JD Roth of get rich slowly once stated:

    The road to wealth is paved with goals.

    He doesn’t just mean it in a financial sense but generalizes to life.

  2. Michelle says:

    Wow – this is timely … I paid off my credit cards last year, still have some college debt, but without that bad debt motivation, I don’t save as much as I think I should – this has put some good questions in perspective for me. :)

  3. Cruzmaribel says:

    I am very surprised by the content of this site. I like it alot! 😉 Grounded and Sound advice that never wears out of style. Harmonious days are on the way! :-)

  4. Susan says:

    We just recently paid off our last debt, the mortgage is the only thing left! It is an indescribable feeling and I never want to be a slave to money again…

  5. Larabelle says:

    This is also timely for me as I am on my last $9K of my total debt of $78K. Thanks for sound information.

  6. Debbie M says:

    Debt means you always pay more. I don’t want to pay more for stuff, so it’s a no-brainer.

    Except I admit that during the housing bubble I did fantasize a few times about cashing out my equity in a refinance to use for really expensive stuff like a remodel and having someone install a low-maintenance yard. But it’s going to be so, so nice to have no house payments ever again starting two years from now, and I’m also saving big-time for that remodel.

  7. Emily Booth says:

    My motivation is the challenge of saving more. Things are always changing. A budget is never static. But the question is always how can I save more? I enjoy the challenge.

  8. larabelle says:

    Just this month I became debt free and for a couple of days I just wanted to go out and blow money…but I refrained and then a couple of days ago I got sick and thought that I would have to take several days off from work. I was not looking forward to the loss of income…and then I remembered I AM DEBT FREE!!!! I can make it very well for a couple of months on my savings alone since I do not have any debt….wow talk about a wonderful benefit as well as GREAT motivation to stay debt free.

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