8 Ways to Get Over the Fear of Screwing Up

Many of us are afraid to make financial decisions. There is so much we don’t know and so much that (we think) can go wrong. What if we invest in the wrong mutual fund and we lose everything? What if we don’t get the best insurance policy out there? What if we try to start that business and we fail? This fear of messing up often means that we make no decisions and we take no actions. It’s safer to sit on the sidelines and watch, or it’s easier to delude ourselves that our never ending “research” is equivalent to doing something. When you do that, though, you miss out on a lot of great opportunities and neglect necessary tasks. Sure, you might make mistakes.


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One Response to 8 Ways to Get Over the Fear of Screwing Up

  1. Stephan says:

    Definitely the one i can relate to most is knowing screw ups can be fixed. i used to minimize my risk taking and decisions because i was scared to make a blind leap of faith. Now, i have come to realize that even if it was a horrible decision, i can fix it and i learned something from it.

    Do it, you will always regret if you dont take the plunge and at least try it. And from your notes, it seems like you realize the challenge and are up to the task. Good Luck!

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