Free Product Sources

Most ice cream stores shops will allow customers to sample flavors before making a purchase. It makes perfect sense for ice cream stores to do that because it lets the ice cream sell itself. The same is true in cheese shops and many other specialty stores. Free samples are great, but they are just that — samples. People looking for great values do not want free samples. They want free products!

Fortunately, although stores are in the business of selling merchandise, and thus not likely to give it away for free, there are several sources for free products that savvy shoppers can exploit. The free products are still “samples,” but they are far larger than the samples at a


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4 Responses to Free Product Sources

  1. Forest says:

    Wow, never knew this. I am from the UK so prescriptions cost next to nothing anyway so never had to do this :)

  2. Lisa says:

    Deli counters in grocery stores will give samples of meats. Bakery counters will usually give children a free cookies. Now adays you have to ask, they used to just be sitting out. Our bakery also on weekends will have samples for anyone. I’ve also gotten high value coupons for free at the doctors and dentist and even my pharmacy. The coupons were much higher than newspaper inserts and internet coupons.

  3. A Fan says:

    Great article David! Thank you.
    Go to, search and click on free samples and try everything from breakfast cereals to tampons!

  4. Gail says:

    Signing up with the major grocery producers on line will yield you coupons and at times free products. I got sent two full sized boxes of dinner mixers that I was surprised that they tasted so good. I would have never picked them up in the store, but since trying them for free, I don’t mind occassionally buying one if I have a coupon also.

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