Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Review: Week 10

This week we moved on to Baby Steps Four and Five, which are saving for retirement and saving for your kids’ college education. Baby step four was on deck first, which is to save 15% of your household income in tax-advantaged plans. Dave points out that, at the time this class was filmed, 53% of all workers had less than $25,000 in retirement vehicles. Further, when asked how they plan for retirement, 44% said that they guess at the amount they’ll need and the investment products to use. Those are some scary numbers. Most people figure retirement’s too far away or they’re too busy living for today that they “forget” to take care of their future. Big mistak


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2 Responses to Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Review: Week 10

  1. I have always had the same fear that you do about the ROTH. There’s no way they’ll keep their grubby paws off of it in my opinion. Thanks for doing these reviews. I’ve always wondered what the class was like.

  2. Lara says:

    It’s unbelievable that Ramsey was still using that 12% return figure even in 2010. When he makes ridiculous and unrealistic assumptions like that, it completely undermines what little credibility he has to begin with. Good for you for not taking his advice at face value!

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