Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Review: Week 9

This week was about the basics of investing. Once you’re out of debt and have your emergency fund, it’s time to move on to creating serious wealth. You do that by investing (or winning the lottery, but Dave doesn’t advocate that method). Obviously in a one-hour lecture Dave can’t touch on all of the intricacies of investing. This lesson was a good primer, though, on the basic types of investments and the theories behind successful investing. Dave admits that you need to seek additional knowledge to become a successful investor, he merely intends to set you on the right path.

His first rule of investing is to never buy something you don’t understand. Only invest


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4 Responses to Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Review: Week 9

  1. Guy G. says:


    Dave must have got his first rule from the best. Warren Buffet, arguably the best investor of our time will also never invest in something he doesn’t understand. He, to this day (or at least to the date of the publishing of Robert Kyiosaki’s The Cashflow Qundrant) has never invested in Microsoft.

    You could say that he missed out, and maybe he did. But I think he’d made out much better in the long run because those trusting him to invest wisely and stick to his guidelines trust him and stick with him. That has really helped the Birkshire Hathaway perform long term.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. jack says:

    I can agree with Dave. It is possible to earn over 10% a year return on investment. The problem is most people won’t leave their investments alone long enough to do that. They are constantly moving them from one place to another. This movement also seems to be at exactly the wrong time costing the investor gains they may have made. I have easily earned over 11% over the last 30 years of investing.

  3. GregOlney says:

    I’m glad someone is finally educating the middle class on how to save for the future!

  4. Donb says:

    I decided to verify the 12% claim myself and found several mutual funds that have a long track record of 12% avg annual returns. Here are a few:

    T Rowe Price Small-Cap Stock Fund OTCFX

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