Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Review: Week 8

This week’s lesson was about how to find big bargains. I thought this was kind of a funny topic because the last thing people in debt need to be doing is shopping. But then I realized that the lessons are starting to transition to topics that will be used after the class becomes debt free. Learning how to get big bargains is a great way to save money and become debt free, as long as you’re getting bargains on things you need. Dave didn’t say this, but I will. A bargain, no matter how big, is never a bargain if you don’t need it or won’t use it. I know plenty of people who find “deals” all the time on stuff that just ends up cluttering up their house.


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2 Responses to Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Review: Week 8

  1. Annie Jones says:

    Sounds like a fun discussion in class. In some cases, you can successfully negotiate on small ticket items. For example, my husband uses cheap cell phones. He’s in construction and dirt and grit will get into his phones and ruin them quickly, even if he keeps them in a case. A retailer had inexpensive phones on sale for $12 one weekend, but only in black, and where out of those. Red ones in the same style were marked at $30, but he was able to negotiate with the sales rep and the manager and get red one for $12 also.

    Unfortunately, you may have defeated your own purpose regarding ad exposure. You may be hyper-aware of it now simply because you’re trying to avoid it, whereas before, it was going unnoticed.

  2. Aryn says:

    You can use the same tactic with home repair people who come in trying to make it seem like they’re too important to take the job. I just quietly looked at the carpenter and let him talk himself into our small job. It was amusing to watch him go from “Oh, this is a hard job. This could take hours. Is it worth $1000 to you?” to “Wait, no, this is easy. I can do this no problem. It won’t be more than $600.”

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