5 Reasons Why It Can Be a Good Idea to Work for Little Money

I see a lot of people these days working for very little money. I’m not talking about minimum wage work; that pays a fortune compared to the work I’m talking about. I’m talking about people who write blog articles for content aggregator sites for a dollar for 400 words, take hour-long surveys for $0.50, or do small tasks through sites such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk that pay pennies. In most cases, this type of work isn’t worth your time. If you need to make money, you would be better served by going out and getting a part or full time job, starting your own business, or finding ways to save more money. (If you cut out a $1.00 coupon from the paper for a produc


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  1. Great post. Have included in my blog post at http://www.theorangepaper.com/linkfest/weekly-roundup-20100412.html

    Look forward to reading more here.

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