10 Tips for Getting Started Cooking at Home

In the current economy, many people have started cooking more at home. Many more people wish they could cook, but are intimidated or frustrated by cooking. It doesn’t have to be that way. Cooking at home doesn’t have to be difficult or even that much more time consuming than driving to a restaurant and waiting for someone to take your order and deliver your food. True, if you want to become a gourmet chef, it’s going to take a significant investment of time and resources. But if you just want to learn how to make good, quick meals at home, it’s easy to do so. Here are some tips.

Find several basic cookbooks that appeal to you: Get several cookbooks from the library or


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5 Responses to 10 Tips for Getting Started Cooking at Home

  1. Isabelle says:

    You get a cookery book for beginners.

    You follow the recipes accurately

    Food comes out at the other end

    Not rocket science – not new – our mothers and their mothers before them have been doing it for hundreds of years. (Sometimes fathers too!)

  2. snshijuptr says:

    My grandmother used to say that if you could read you could cook.

  3. Gail says:

    An older Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook is a great one if you can track one down. In junior high, by following the pictures and reading each step I learned to make bread, rolls and coffee cakes from scratch. A Good Housekeeping step by step cookbook, Better Homes and Gardens and Joy of Cooking are all basic cookbooks. Joy of cooking has the advantage of how the recipes are written, one recipe might show several variations which helps when you are missing an ingredient or aren’t sure if you can change something.

    Once you do know how to cook, don’t be afraid of more expensive cuts of meat. When Prime rib goes on sale, a roast large enough for us with leftovers is actually about the same price as going out to mcDonalds. Which would you rather have a couple of burgers or a great meal? obviously if you are trying to save money you aren’t going to buy prime rib for every meal, but it is the principal that when you look at the price of food at the grocery store calculate what that same meal would be eaten out or even judge it against your normal fast food meal.

  4. Alex says:

    The Taste of Home Cookbooks are absolutely marvelous! The magazine is wonderful, no wasted pages on ads. Lovely photos and lots of information. Down home cooking at its tasty best.

  5. Daddy Paul says:

    I worked my way through college cooking. With my wife and I both on special diets cooking at home is a no brainer for us. The trick is to learn to cook fast and good. The toaster oven and micro wave oven are my main tools.

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