Point System For Kids

I have written about my elder son in the past. Readers may recall that he is less than industrious when it comes to academics and contributing around the house. By comparison, my younger son applies himself to his school work and is far more willing to offer assistance around the house. He keeps his room relatively clean and organized. He also anticipates work that needs to be done and often does it before he is asked. Moreover, he has a good sense of what projects really should qualify for payment and is aggressive in seeking those out.

Over the past couple of months, I began to notice that my younger son was also showing much more industry when he visited his friend’s houses.


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  1. Mcneri says:

    Motivating children is a challenge for many adults. Motivation in itself is also a challenge and that explains why so many adults find themselves in deep money trouble. Rewards motivate children and so does praise and challenge. You have to treat each unique child as different. My kids are 4 and 6. they are4 different and motivating them to do things depends on who we are dealing with. One loves sweet treats while the other loves praise, blatant open praise. One loves being seen to be acting grown up while the other just wants to be acknowledged. Money may not mean much to kids but I believe the earlier we teach children about money, the more savvy they will be with this instrument when they are older. Finding a way to put MONETARY reward into the equation may be a very helpful approach. I have not yet figured out a way to do that…..or maybe I should be patient and soon the kids will show me how.

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