Why Did I Buy That?

The next time you’re in a store shopping for groceries, clothes, household items or anything else, stop and take a long look at your purchases. Then ask yourself this question: Why do I buy this particular brand or product? Knowing why you buy something is important, especially if you want to save money. Here are some common reasons why people choose certain brands or products:

  • It’s what their mother used
  • It’s what they’ve always bought (habit)
  • It brings back good memories/comfort
  • Their friends buy it
  • They like the advertising
  • Because they heard it was good
  • Because they heard all the alternatives were bad
  • Because it’s cheap
  • Because it’s an expens

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One Response to Why Did I Buy That?

  1. I like your list of why people buy things. I’m sure the next time I go shopping I will be asking myself why I’m choosing certain brands. I think “it’s what their mother used” is probably the one we’re least consciously aware of. There’s that longtime sense of familiarity combined with the knowledge that someone we trust has vouched for the product.

    I do think there is some financial risk in trying new brands, though. For example, I like to buy foods at the grocery store that I haven’t tried before, either for the novelty factor or in an attempt to save money. But sometimes I find them so disgusting that I end up throwing them out. My grocery bills would probably be lower overall if I didn’t experiment and stuck to what I know I like, even if those things cost a little more. Other times I will make myself use the product I don’t care for because I don’t want to be wasteful, but I miss that sense of enjoyment I got out of using my regular product.

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