Keeping Up With The Joneses Kills Your Individuality

I’ve always had many reasons for refusing to keep up with my peers, but the other day one of the main reasons came into clear focus for me. (Quite literally because it involved buying glasses. That’s my attempt at humor today, folks.) Anyway, I had to buy new glasses so after my eye appointment I went into the optical shop to look around. The lady came out and offered to help me choose some new frames. After we went through a few pairs, she pulls one out and says, “This is the one that everyone gets. It’s very popular. You’ll fit right in with everyone else.” (As if I were fifteen and seeking to fit in in high school.)

I tried it on and guess what: It look


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7 Responses to Keeping Up With The Joneses Kills Your Individuality

  1. DebbieQ says:

    So very well said. My years of envy and trying to “keep up with the Joneses” are bleak ones that I wish I had back. When I finally said, “Forget this, I am going to be who I am!” I learned to like myself. I embrace my wrinkles and you can have my gray hair when you can pry it from my cold dead fingers (to liberally quote Charleton Heston).

  2. Annie Jones says:

    I can remember as a teen I’d “discover” a new song on the radio and love it…until everyone else heard it and start loving it, too. Then, on principal, I would quit loving it. I hated being on a bandwagon, even if I had been the FIRST one on it.

    I’m still that way. I prefer to go with what I like, what is practical, what is affordable, over whatever trend is current. It doesn’t happen often, but if I like something (music, vehicles, paint colors) that everyone else does, too…well, you can be sure it’s because I really DO like it. No more jumping off the bandwagon just because others climbed on.

  3. Grant Beehler says:

    Too many people want to keep up with article things, yet they fail to keep up on being financially literate!

  4. rob62521 says:

    You said it well. Unfortunately some adults still want to “fit” in because they don’t know themselves.

  5. Isabelle says:

    There was a TV programme on about debt. The young woman had huge credit card and loan debts and had a ‘phobia’ about going into cheap shops!

    Her comment was that if you bought things from cheap shops you end up looking like everyone else. She also spent massive amounts of money on her hair and make up.

    Then we saw her sitting with a group of friends. All with the same hair style and colour. All with very similar clothes and all drinking champagne. Mmmmm, touch of irony there!

  6. Gail says:

    I have never understood the desire to keep up with the Jones. Iremember once in junior high there were at least 30 girls all with the same identical dress and matching purse. On any given day you would see up to 10 coies of this dress floating around. I could never understan why anyone would ever want to be wearing the same outfit as the person in the desk next to them. Well i make most of my clothes at this point so that is a rare thing for me to see someone else wearing my clothes! What is really hard to take is certain hairstyles that aren’t flattering to hardly anyone become the latest. Soon just about every woman has that style of hair whether it looks good on her or not. I don’t understand why people can’t be a little more individual but I suppose some don’t have any self-esteem so they are borrowing other’s self esteem by borrowing their looks.

  7. Slinky says:

    I always think it’s amazing how many compliments you get when you wear something that is so completely “YOU”. It seems to be equally true that if you combine many pieces that are very “YOU”, you become a weirdo that everyone should stare at. Go figure.

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