How To Save On Museum Admissions

I enjoy going to museums. Art, history, science — if it is in a museum, I am going to enjoy it. Of course, if I were to buy a ticket to every museum that I encountered, I could run up quite a bill. My family of four could easily cost $50 to $60 if I were to purchase admission on an ad hoc basis. Fortunately, I have discovered ways that I can minimize the costs of admission and thus enjoy more regularly visits to a lot of different museums without suffering the sting of huge admission fees.

Free Admission Days: Museums are usually non-profit institutions. Accordingly, they very often (and perhaps always) have to offer at least one day during the year in which they allow free admiss


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3 Responses to How To Save On Museum Admissions

  1. Ann says:

    Good article! When I worked in downtown Chicago, I always got the annual membership to the Art Institute ’cause it came with two tickets to any special show that they had visiting, as well as unlimited “free” visits to the general areas. I never even thought about the reciprocity possibility. Just might be worthwhile to check out some of the museums in the Chicago area and see what’s available.

    Thanks for the idea, Dave!

  2. baselle says:

    Those free admission days aren’t usually picked on a random basis. Last year, in late September, in honor of the Smithsonian’s founding, there was a nationwide free museum day.

    We also had a free Seattle Art Museum day if you showed your Seattle library card. So there is reciprocity if you participate in other community utilities.

    It always pays to keep your eyes open – I heard about both of those opportunities from the newspaper website.

  3. Eleanor says:

    Bank of America has a program called “Museums on Us.” On the first weekend of each month, B of A account holders show their debit cards at participating museums and receive free admission. The B of A website has info, including participating museums, and I find that the list is growing!

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