Legislating My Money Saving Efforts

In the last week I’ve gotten pretty peeved at the controls that my state and local governments have put in place to keep me from saving money. The first came when I called my homeowner’s insurance company to increase my deductible. I have enough in savings now to cover all but the largest problems, so I wanted to save some money on my premium. When I called, the agent informed me that my deductible was already as high as my state will allow.

“So, you mean to tell me that the state has decided that I cannot have a deductible above $X amount even though I, not the state, am the one who will be liable for that deductible in the event of a claim?” I asked him.



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5 Responses to Legislating My Money Saving Efforts

  1. Ken says:

    Thanks for a great read, you are right on the mark! There is no bigger rip off than insurance. Our wonderful government makes us have it, and allows the companies to charge whatever they want. Have you ever tried to get anywhere with your insurance commissioner? Well, don’t waste your time! Now, to see where this health care thing will go!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    We have to pay a minimum billing for electricity. They say it is to maintain the electrical equipment that goes from the producer to our homes. Maybe the water is the same, maintaining the water mains from producer to your home.

  3. Ben Stutts says:

    Remember the origins of the insurance industry is from the protection rackets. The gang would ‘insure’ your house wasn’t burned down if you paid their protection money. If you didn’t pay, they would burn it down. Insurance really hasn’t changed much. Now the gangs strong arm the government instead of the individual.

  4. Cara Riggles says:

    Wow! Thank you for this article! While I save money by finding deals, my husband is the one who takes care of our finances. He would desperately love to use solar power (if we could afford it). Our power rates keep going up and up and up. It is ridiculous! At least we have well water and don’t have to deal with the water bills! He gets nervous every time he sees new fire hydrants being installed in our greater area. He fears that we will eventually be forced to have water service, which we obviously don’t need.

  5. Roger says:

    Your minimum payment for water, electricity, etc. is for the infrastructure. I applaud your conserving efforts, but if it is only done for the money savings, it certainly isn’t worth it. Water in the US is incredibly cheap. If you want to avoid a large auto insurance bill, pay off your car and you don’t need to pay for collision or comprehensive.

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