What Do You Want?

What do you want? I don’t mean what fantastic things do you wish you owned or could do or could be. What reasonable things do you want in life that you do not currently have?

Do you want to be healthier?

Do you want to spend more wisely?

Do you want a nicer car or better clothes?

What do you want?

If you cannot answer that question, or if your answer is “I want nothing more than I already have” you can stop reading now. Rather, you can stop reading until you have figured out what you want. And all protests to the contrary notwithstanding, we all want something more.

Now that you know what you want, ask yourself how many times you have convinced yourself that you cannot have what you want because you “don’t have the time” or you “just can’t do it.” How many times have you given those and other excuses to yourself and to others when faced with the challenge of having more or being more?
The reality is that if you are being reasonable in how you define what you want, you probably do have the time and the ability to achieve it. You just need to be brutally honest with yourself and make a plan for achieving your wants and adapting your life for achievement.

After four-plus decades of a largely inactive lifestyle, I started going to the gym last year. I had the time and I knew that I did not have any rational excuses, so for about four months, I was a regular visitor to my local YMCA. Then I opened my own business and suddenly I had an excuse. I stopped going to the gym. I started to gain weight. Last week I realized that I had gained twenty pounds and that I needed to re-evaluate.

I was spending about half an hour each day stopping by my local bakery for a cup of coffee or tea. I would spend a few dollars that I did not really need to spend, just to get out of my office for half an hour or so. It was an unnecessary waste of money and a foolish waste of my time. In reality, I did have time to go to the gym, and I could save about $30 each week by going to the gym instead of the bakery.

I was crafting excuses to avoid the gym. I realize that now. You may be lamenting a shortage of cash each week even while you are eating take-out meals instead of cooking for yourself and clipping coupons. You may want a better job, but still be finding excuses to avoid taking the classes that you need to take to improve your career. You might want a lot of things that are within your grasp, if only you would reach out and take them.

What more can you be doing to get what you want? What obstacles are you putting in the way of your own achievement?

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4 Responses to What Do You Want?

  1. Louis Russo says:

    Well David, for the first time in my life, I think I can truly say that I am content with what I have and where I am. I dreamed of retirement, and that happened six years ago. I thoroughly enjoy it. About six months ago I began walking on my treadmill again, and I’ve been pretty consistent 5-6 times a week. I have enough disposable income to not worry, my bills are getting paid off, and we have a nice two week vacation planned for this summer. When the weather is nice, I golf weekly. I am truly content, and there really is no more “stuff” I long to have. Of course, it’s taken a lifetime to get here, but the trip has been worth it.

  2. The Rat says:

    I too have recently embraced the idea of going to the gym and get into better shape, and hopefully a more athletic build of my past.

    I find myself going through spurts of energy and then finding subconscious excuses from time to time. For example, I planned to have my family visit me for supper and I had an hour or two to spare but chose not to. Another day this week, I decided to stay home and blog.

    So, I’ve decided that I’m gonna hit the gym this weekend. There’s nothing worse than getting ‘out of your groove’ so to speak, and all of a sudden I weigh myself and I find myself creeping back up! It’s easier on the way up than on the way down for me (in terms of LBS).

    Nice post.

  3. Ann says:

    LOL This was rather timely! I’d just recognized that, being busier in the workshop, meant that I was slipping back into some of my bad eating habits from when I practically lived at my corporate offices. 🙂 Like you, some lbs. were creeping back on, so I’m back to cooking and/or taking the time to make a healthy salad.

    The rest of what I want I’m already working for… and loving every minute of the “work”. lol

  4. Gail says:

    I started walking in the beginning of March. Not far but more than I had been able to in years. Every three days I added a bit more, maybe to the next tree, finally I got to the corner (in our rural area almost a 1/2 mile away). It feels great and I feel great. On days when I am flaring up and can barely walk in the house, I miss it. I find it so relaxing to hear the birds chirping and seeing spring come into being. But to do this I had to discipline myself to do it as I also kept making excuses so now every morning I get out of bed and get dressed and go. Then I’m done for the day and know I’ve done something good for myself that is too the best of my abilities.

    This year hubby and I wrote down and posted goals so that what we wanted was in front of us and each month we post monthly goals to get us to the finish line with our main goals. I’m not sure I would know what to do with myself without something to get up in the morning to do. I need a reason on days I feel lousy to get up and get moving.

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