A Life Without Debt: It’s a Strange Time Warp

I’ve been giving this some thought lately and I’m beginning to suspect that time moves differently for debt free people than for those with loads of debt. Speaking from my own experience and the experiences of other debt free people that I know, the debt free seem to experience life at a much slower pace than those with debt. The best I can figure, this strange time warp is caused by three facts of debt free life.

Saving up to buy things slows down the purchasing process: (And since much of American life is centered around buying, if you can slow this process down you can really slow down the pace life.) Since the debt free save for big purchases, we don’t usually experienc


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6 Responses to A Life Without Debt: It’s a Strange Time Warp

  1. A Debt Free lifestyle is easier to attain than you think. It doesn’t matter how much money you make or how in debt you are. Once you learn how the only bills you’ll pay are utilities. No mortgage, no car payments.

  2. Emily Booth says:

    Interesting piece, Sadie. It brings up thoughts of what is eternal, what is of value, what brings joy, what serves me? A debt free life is a slower paced life but it’s also a more introspective life and it’s also a more resourceful way of living. Being resourceful makes you more confident, I think, in knowing deep down inside you can take care of yourself and others no matter what. So many peoples’ answer to a problem is to buy something. It’s almost kind of knee-jerk kind of thing.

  3. Forest says:

    I am slowly detaching from society year by year…. not socially just in terms of what you mention to do with keeping up fads etc etc…

    I can’t wait to be debt free!!!

  4. Gail says:

    Those debt free or those trying hard to be can ignore all the alpha-bet soup of things out there that we don’t know what they are and don’t care, ie. IPOD, Wii, BluRay, MP3, etc. Those things come and go and since I’m living my life just fine wihtout them, and as the fads come and go we aren’t spending our lives trying to keep on tops of it all. I still have never even seen what an NINTENDO is/does! I’m no worse off for not knowing or using these things and many others like it. We still even have a land line phone and no cell which just about puts us in the dark ages! Talk about life slowing down.

  5. Larabelle says:

    I am in complete agreement!!!
    So many of my coworkers are tired, their appearance is unkempt, they are irritable and sleep deprived and just plain miserable. We work the same job and I am refreshed and cheerful. You know why…because they are working over forty hours per week. They are trying to work as much overtime as possible. You know why….because they are soo in debt. They truly are working themselves into the ground. I live a simple life, I am very frugal and I am almost debt free which allows me (Thank-you Lord) to work a forty hour work week and do just fine.

  6. JulieK says:

    I am so thankful to have found these articles by Sadie Morris. My husband and I became totally debt-free (No mortgage, no payments of any kind. Thank the Lord!)in 7/09 and I cannot begin to tell you the peace and contentment we are experiencing!

    We don’t race after the latest fad and it doesn’t bother us to have used cars and shop at Aldi for groceries.

    It is EXCITING to see our dreams coming true right before our eyes.
    For those still working toward being debt-free – DON’T GIVE UP! IT IS WORTH IT!!

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