A Life Without Debt: The Debt Free Hobbyist

One of the great things about being debt free is the freedom it gives me to pursue the hobbies I love without compromising my participation because I’m tapped out. I recently got back into photography, something I’d done in high school but pushed aside over the years as other things took priority. To get started, I wanted a digital SLR camera and I was able to simply decide on the model, find the best deal, and go buy one. I didn’t have to finance it or juggle accounts around to get the money, I simply took some money from the “fun” fund and used it to buy the camera. Because I have no debt, I’m able to save up “fun” money for things like hobbi


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6 Responses to A Life Without Debt: The Debt Free Hobbyist

  1. Jessica says:

    Life without debt would be woonnderful. I’m working towards my life without debt now. Some days I get frustrated because it seems like I am not making any progress. For this I adapted Davy Ramsey’s pay the smallest debt first.

  2. Forest says:

    When I am debt free (sooner rather than later) I will be pursuing my photography a lot more and maybe trying to make a little side cash from it. I have managed to sell a few prints for very low money in the past and that was always fun.

  3. Isabelle says:

    Spot on! It is very rare (never) that you don’t say something that resonates with my life.

    It makes me laugh when people say that debt free and often frugal living is somehow cheating oneself of something – usually ‘fun’. They never see the irony of living any other way than within ones means – debt is spending future earnings – doh! If you spend future earnings on holidays, clothes, shoes, fancy dancy this that and the other – there will be a day in the future that it catches up.

    It caught up with the banks, what makes the spenders on credit think they are any different?

    Jessica and Forest, I wish you the best of luck. When you are debt free you will feel so free in yourselves.

  4. Forest says:

    Thanks :)…. I love my frugal life in general… Things that make me sad are not being able to go and see my best friend in New Zealand after he just broke up with his long term partner… But Skype is a wonderful (and frugal) invention :)

  5. Lillie says:

    As a photography buff myself, I had forgotten about the great joy that I received when I devoted a great deal of time to the hobby and often as a part of my job. Somehow, with working and juggling job duties, it got buried in the “lost dream file.” This makes my determination to work toward life without debt even more urgent.

  6. Craig says:

    Not buying on credit and living a frugal life has allowed me the luxury of spending more money on my hobby -flying remote control planes which enhances the quality of my life and feeds my soul.
    An example how I’ve cut down, I’ve just cancelled my cell phone contract and got a prepaid ‘straight talk’package from Walmart for $30 per month for 1000 any time/anywhere minutes & 1000 text messages.
    You could also save $1200 over a period of two years if you cancel your cell contract and get the $45 a month prepaid ‘straight talk’ package from Walmart for ulimited calls and unlimited text. You save despite paying the cancellation fee of the contract.
    Spending money on something that enriches your life and is like a form of meditation is money well spent don’t you think?

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