The Financial Road Less Traveled

I think I’m getting old. I’m starting to hit that phase of life where I’m looking at the choices I’ve made and ruminating over the roads less traveled. I find myself wondering about the career I chose, the jobs I’ve taken along the way, even the relationships I’ve had. Along with all the general “What if’s,” I’ve been wondering about the financial “What if’s.”

What if I hadn’t changed my major in college (three times)? Would I have ended up in a different field that I loved or hated more than where I am now? Would I now be making better money, or would I be barely scraping by?

What if I’d married that o


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4 Responses to The Financial Road Less Traveled

  1. Don’t look back. That is the only thing I can say.

  2. Jay Gatsby says:

    “Regret is usually a waste of time… As is gloating.” – Thomas Crown

  3. Diane says:

    Make the best choice you can today, given the knowledge you have NOW. And recognize that in the past you made choices based on the knowledge you had THEN…

    Do I ever wonder if things would have turned out better had I made different choices? Absolutely! And in some cases I know it would have… But I don’t dwell on it, because the past is past!

    To sum it up “You did then what you knew then, and when you knew better you did better”!

  4. PamL says:

    I think we’ve all wondered about the “what ifs” in life at some point. The neat thing is that even if you have made some bad decisions in the past, everything seems to work itself out for good in the long run. As cliche as that may sound, I really believe that. There’s no use fretting over past decisions; what you need to focus on is making good decisions in the present and for the future. Thanks for sharing your honest feelings.

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