Dental Tourism: Is It Right For You?

By Jeff Apton

In today’s healthcare debate nobody seems to be talking much about the high cost of dentistry, or the lack of insurance coverage. Maybe you’re lucky and squeak by with a few cleanings and a filling here and there. For those who are not so lucky, the cost of dentistry can be devastating, with bills that can run up to $60,000. What can someone do who wants to keep their teeth but who does not want to empty their bank account (assuming they even have that money)?

One solution is “dental tourism,” the act of traveling out of the U.S. to receive quality care, save money and perhaps even make a vacation out of the experience.

The cost of dental care has abou


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7 Responses to Dental Tourism: Is It Right For You?

  1. gabby says:

    When I needed a crown for my tooth and a root canal to be fixed I took advantage that I was going to Peru for vacation and I had both procedures for only $30 in a private dentist office .

  2. Forest says:

    I live in cairo Egypt right now and I waited until I arrived here to get all my dental work done…. One of my cavities had sadly become a root canal job and I needed a crown… But I got top quality treatment at an expensive Egyptian dentist at 1/3rd of US price… well at least 1/3rd.

  3. Saving Advice Fan says:

    GREAT article Jeff! VERY informative!
    I read where a young boy, 7-8 years old, died a while back because he did not receive the dental attention that he needed as his parent(s) could not afford a dentist… This little boy was not only in horrific pain, but he paid the ultimate price by it taking his life at such an early age! It saddened me and made me angry to read such a tragic story in the newspaper.
    I hope that you article will reach another person that is in dire need of dental attention to end their suffering and perhaps save their life!
    THANK YOU Jeff for an interesting and informative article! I am passing it on to my friends and my family members!!

  4. Gail says:

    The hard part is just trying to find a sympathetic dentist anywhere! I need some dental care but not enough to have to consider a trip out of the US, but to find a dentist that is cheap but good is hard. I saw a dentist over 10 years ago that insisted I needed a crown $450 (my cost) at the time. This same dentist when he did any work braced his hands on my jaw even though I kept telling him to stop as I have arthritis and would suffer for days in pain after seeing him. So I stopped going. I found a dentist with low overhead (cheap office location, no fancy frills) who put a filling into the tooth that supposedly needed a crown for around $50, didn’t hurt me at all. Then he retired. Now I need more filling in that tooth and have no idea where to go for work. I’m on disability so money is tight. When my husband needed dental work a few years ago he tried to get quotes over the phone and they wouldn’t except that an x-ray would be $25. Well the x-ray was $99 and they did $300 worth of work in no time flat with my husband in horrendous pain and then expected him to come back for $700 more worth of work, even though the repairs they made were wrong with a piece breaking off almost immediately and now no way to floss between two teeth. We had tried to be informed consumers but that didn’t work.

    So what does a person do if they can’t afford a nice leisurely vacation to get dental work done and need a dentist that will listen to you???? and do the work you can afford, not what the dentist wants to do so he can afford whatever is on the hiss latest wishlist???

  5. Good article. Well informed

    The most important step anyone contemplating a visit to the dentist abroad should take,is to carry out proper and detailed research on the internet on the proposed dentist, the dental clinic and the proposed country for treatment.

    There are many entists all over the world now offering high quality dental treatment at affordable prices.

    Also patients should read carefully the informative Guides in this subject, (which are online) published by the American Dental Association and the UK’s General Dental Council.

  6. Downtown Buster Brown says:

    Ask your friends for a recommendation. Stop complaint and listen.

  7. Ann S. says:

    I would like to speak to an Actual America Dental Tourist that traveled South of the Border for Dental Implants.

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