Low Cost Flea Control

flea control

Despite the fact that it’s the middle of winter here, my dog has fleas. I got this great news at the vet’s office when she went in for her checkup. He said that the weather conditions here have been perfect for growing a huge flea population and now that it’s cold, all those fleas are moving indoors. Great. To top it off, he told me that the veterinary community is starting to see fleas evolving resistance to many of the popular topical treatments like Frontline and Advantage. So what’s a pet owner to do in the face of a flea invasion when the usual approaches aren’t working?

I did not want to launch an all out chemical assault in the house if I could avoid it


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6 Responses to Low Cost Flea Control

  1. Pat Merritt says:

    Or you can move to a desert. Where I live we have no fleas just earthquakes. Of course we have ticks to worry about, but they only have fleas in the high desert (62 feet below sea level and no fleas).

  2. Rob says:

    Please god do NOT suck up fleas or any other kind of bugs in your vacuum unless you intend to throw it away immediately. I used to fix vacuums, and we used to get ridiculous amounts of vacuums INFESTED with bugs.

    FYI, we refused to fix them so keep your vac clean.

  3. James says:

    Excellent advice!

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Health Canada are currently investigating topical spot-on flea and tick treatments due to a sharp increase in reported adverse incidents. Over 44,000 adverse incidents were reported to the U.S. EPA in 2008 (a 53% increase over incidents reported in 2007). These products also pose significant health risks to children who are exposed to treated pets.

    For more information on the EPA’s investigation of spot-on products, got to:


  4. I live in the woods, needless to say that fleas and ticks are my biggest ‘worry’ for the coming spring and summer as I do not use chemicals on my dog. Last year I used Lavendar and water spray and I added rosemary twigs to his bedding. Also brushing twice daily and of course garlic in his dinner. I will do the same again this summer. 😉

  5. maestro says:

    If you do decide to use your vacuum, you can try putting a flea collar in the vacuum cleaner bag. This should help kill fleas and larva that have been vacuumed up.

    Hope that helps.

  6. GREENBACK says:

    I wash my dogs with regular Dawn dish soap when they get fleas. Very effective and cheap. I’ve done this for years with no adverse reactions.

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