The Wii as a Low Cost Gym

When a foot injury (and bitterly cold weather) recently sidelined me from my regular running routine, the doctor suggested that I find some low impact exercise to see me through my recovery time. Biking was out, at least for a while, because biking in sub-zero temperatures holds no appeal for me. I was already doing a lot of yoga and pilates as cross training to give my body a break from running, but I get bored if I have to do the same things over and over again. Doing the same pilates and yoga DVD’s every day, without being able to go out and run to break the monotony was likely to make my recovery seem much, much longer.

So, I gave some thought to joining a gym. I thought that mayb


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5 Responses to The Wii as a Low Cost Gym

  1. Princessperky says:

    Wont help you with a foot injury, but we have outdoor challenge, and extream challenge borrowed from a friend, it is fun challenging, and silly, so no real feel like you are working out. I think both were around 40 new? I didn’t pay for them so not sure, anyway trying to complete a challenge is totally a workout, from 5 minutes to 20 (or more if you keep failing – like I often do)

    You can of course aim for more than one set to fill longer workout times.

    I mentioned it for less serious folk interested in winter workout.

  2. Aryn says:

    I didn’t buy any accessories for my Wii. Since it’s been pouring for a week and I’m too much of a Californian to walk to the gym in the rain, I’ve just been Wii boxing for 25 minutes every night, and then doing tennis for my warm-up and cool down. It’s not quite as effective as the elliptical, but I certainly work up a sweat and work my arms.

  3. Aaron says:


    Please try the EA Active series before dismissing it. A lot of people when they hear “working out with the Wii” equate that to Wii Fit. Wii Fit unless you do the long runs and boxing and really put a lot into those won’t do you much good. The EA Active series is in another ballpark compared to how strenuous Wii Fit is. It’s not even close.

    I will say this though about EA Active – the resistance band provided is a joke. If you want the strength exercises to work, go buy a set of resistance bands for $10 that actually have resistance. Wal-Mart sells a Gold’s Gym adjustable set for I believe $10-15.

    The other good thing about EA Active is it does not require the Wii Fit Balance Board, keeping the cost of using a Wii for working out to just the console and a set of better resistance bands.

  4. Sandy says:

    Sorry to hear about the injury. I recently bruised my rib doing lunges – hate getting older!

    Anyways – I accessorized my Wii like you wouldn’t believe! I have all kinds of straps and stuff I use with it. The fact that I have to hold the controllers drives me nuts sometimes but not biggie. One thing I got I definitely suggest for you when your foot gets better is NGR Shoes. Those bad boys weight like 2 lbs extra per foot so when I go my exercises it kicks butt! (just remember to weigh yourself with them off! ha ha)

  5. EF Cussins says:

    We got the Wii for Christmas and shortly after the first we got the Wii Fit Plus. It is great. We use it because we rarely have time to go to the gym.

    It makes for great family time with exercise.

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