A Life Without Debt: Tips for Buying Used

In order to avoid debt, it is crucial that we get the best price and value for our money on almost everything we buy. Over the years we’ve found that buying many items used makes this much easier than if we were buying things at retail prices. This was particularly true when we were young and had very little money to spend on big ticket items like furniture, appliances, and cars. We don’t buy everything used, however. There are some items that we’ve found to be good buys when purchased used and other things that aren’t so great. So what are some of the best things to buy used and how do you make sure you aren’t getting burned with someone else’s junk? Here


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2 Responses to A Life Without Debt: Tips for Buying Used

  1. Reader says:

    So essentially, it’s all a gamble!

  2. Megan says:


    Sure it’s a gamble. Just like debt and living outside of your means is a gamble. Everything’s a gamble, if you want to be that way about it.

    I found the article very informative. I have never thought to simply ask why someone is getting rid of something-will definitely do that in the future.

    We are driving a 94 Chrysler LHS that we purchased in 2006 for $1200. Four years later, it’s still going strong (knock on wood.) We’re building up our emergency fund right now and will build up a car replacement fund in the first half of 2011. I’m hoping our car lasts at least until we get enough in our emergency fund for repairs/replacement. (Will replace w/ a $3k car.)

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