New Year’s Resolutions That You Have No Realistic Intention Of Keeping

It’s January. If you live anywhere in the USA, you are probably cold right now, at least at the moment of this writing. That means that you are probably inside and have plenty of time to think about things. Stop! If you start thinking, you may arrive at a New Year’s resolution that you have no realistic intention of keeping.

I understand that with the beginning of the New Year, there are a lot of psychological factors that may make resolving to be better, to live better or to act better, seem like a good idea. Indeed, Madison Avenue recognizes it too because the advertisements and sales that I have seen of late all seem to point in that direction. If you walk into a book sto


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9 Responses to New Year’s Resolutions That You Have No Realistic Intention Of Keeping

  1. thriftorama says:

    I am trying to lose weight right now,not because of New Year’s but because I just had a baby. At first, I was tempted to buy a few workout DVDs, but then I realized I get the FitTV channel on my cable package. I have started using the DVR to tape the shows I’m interested in. I don’t have to spend extra money and I get an ever changing workout routine. I’m glad I didn’t spend anything extra!

  2. Ann says:

    I don’t make new year’s resolutions any more — I have too many other shorter term goals on my todo list! LOL

    I definitely agree with checking out your local thrift shops for second-hand stuff. There are even stores that deal strictly in gently used exercise/sport equipment.

    Like your comment about gradual. That actually pertains to a lot of things, even diet. Changing one small thing a month (giving up regular pop and replacing it with water or tea) is much easier to adjust to than going on the South Beach diet! LOL

  3. Jackie says:

    Besides the financial advice, this is good advice in general and well thought out. Thanks!

  4. It’s most important to make small steps forward, a few, then lots of them. Together they will produce good results, and are most achievable, rather than giant lifestyle changes.

    John DeFlumeri Jr

  5. Louis Russo says:

    I no longer worry about making resolutions. For better or worse, I have come to grips with the fact that I am who I am. I did begin a walking program in late summer, and so far, I’ve continued it nearly every day. I just don’t worry if I miss some time.

    My wife and I are generally frugal, as a result of not having much money when we first married (a long time ago). While we are not rich, we are comfortable, and our real pleasure comes from doting on the grandchildren and helping them out with savings for the future, and such.

    Using coupons, searching for sales, and waiting for bargains has long been a part of our thinking.

    Nevertheless, your advice is sound, David.

  6. Pastor Jimmy Kibler says:

    My resolutions are to prosper my soul and my bank account will follow because I will become prosperious even as, or at the same rate that my soul prospers. Also I want to be a blessing to other people this year.

  7. the Cynical Investor says:

    I already broke what I considered my main financial new year

  8. Jimmy Kibler says:

    You hit the nail on the head that time. Most people have no intention of keeping their New Year resolutions. Since I lost 20 Lbs. before Christmas my resolution is to keep it off and to be a blessing to other people this year.

  9. Gail says:

    I didn’t think of setting New Years resolutions, but I did set my yearly goals for what I want to accomplish. this time hubby even jumped into the mix and so our goals for January and also yearly goals are intermingled. He also asked for a ‘Honey Do’ list which I was happy to oblige him with. We have been married close to 8 years, and if had realized the change in him with having visible lists for him to see, I would have included him much sooner. But, he had seen how my goal list has helped me. From the time I was a college student through a working career I keep goal/to do lists and it has helped me to accomplish so much more. It is so much easier to see what you want to accomplish (and have to figure out how) than to set resolutions of things you want to change and hope it happens. However you do it or name it, I trust everyone has success in getting done what they feel is essential to themselves, their home, and family, and community this year.

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