iPhone Apps to Help You Keep Your Financial Resolutions

By C Craig

It’s that time of year, when we set down promises to make this — and the coming years — the best yet. “I’ll lose that 10 pounds!” we promise ourselves, “Give up late night snacking, get to the gym, and get organized.” Most of us share a common aspect of New Year’s resolve: spend less, save more. It’s one of the keys to reducing stress and creating a secure future. Imagine where you could be a year from now if your basic financial needs were met. Here is a short but powerful list of the top five iPhone and iPod Touch apps to help you keep your financial resolutions for the New Year and beyond.

Paper Calc ($1.99)

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2 Responses to iPhone Apps to Help You Keep Your Financial Resolutions

  1. Those are real useful apps, especially bill minder.

    John DeFlumeri Jr

  2. Gail says:

    Why would you need these applications when most of us already have a calculator each on our desk or on our computer. As to bill minder, I have a cheap 15 cent notebook that I can keep several years worth of information in it, using each page for one month. I keep track of each bill, when it is due and how much. Today I went through my notebook and noted all those recurring bills that come up quarterly or yearly and have them noted in my notebook ahead of getting the bill. It is a practically free method that I have been using for years.

    I guess I don’t understand the desire to pay even 99 cents for something that I don’t need. Much less however much that phone costs.

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