What Do You Really Remember About Christmas?

I had to go out the other day to run some errands and I got caught in the Christmas shopping rush. At Target, people were pushing carts heaped with toys through the aisles and there was a beat down going on in the toy department over a shipment of Zhu Zhu pets. I overheard someone say that getting a Zhu Zhu pet was the only way to ensure that their kid remembered this Christmas forever. On a message board I frequent, posters are talking about buying thousands of dollars in gifts to make this a “Christmas to remember” for their kids. People are buying elaborate, expensive decorations to stage a Christmas extravaganza that their “kids will always remember.”

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9 Responses to What Do You Really Remember About Christmas?

  1. Caoineag says:

    Actually, I remember the presents given to me, the presents given to my mother and the presents given to my father. Sure I remember some of the other stuff, but in my family, giving a gift someone wanted was considered the goal.

    We would store up gift ideas 6 months in advance in preparation (you weren’t allowed to buy anthing for yourself in that time period either, lol). When they say its the thought that counts, in my family, they meant it. We didn’t have a lot but the gifts we gave each other were things we truly desired and were given with a lot of thought and care.

  2. Joan says:

    Like Caoineag, I remember not just gifts given to me, but gifts I gave to others and gifts my brothers and sisters were given. We were not overwhelmed with loot. I just easily recalled 13 Christmas gifts I got as a child. We probably got two gifts each, plus tangerines, nuts, and candy canes or Life Savers in our stockings. Part of what made Christmas special was the tradition, the repeating this year what was done last year. Using the same ornaments, getting the same things in stockings, having the same meal. For a child, tradition actually built the anticipation, not dampen it. There was no need to do “bigger, better, over-the-top” to make us remember and enjoy. Please do not visit the neuroses of the parents onto the kids.

  3. I remember mostly the packed houses of people eating 3 to 5 plateloads of rich food, the cooking smells, the candy, and of course the presents.

    John DeFlumeri Jr

  4. Princessperky says:

    my response got to long! So I moved it to my blog. short answer is while I do recall some gifts, the best memories are seeped in tradition. And the gifts I do recall were not to expensive. Wasn’t about the money, it was about the thought.

  5. Pat Merritt says:

    The only gift I remember is the large box of dolls wrapped beautifully that my mom stored in my bedroom. Ye gods, my sister and i went nuts unwrapping and rewrapping – it spoiled christmas that year.

  6. Chelle says:

    That is so true, I don’t really remember the gifts as much as I remember my grandma making her famous cherry cookies every Christmas!

  7. mahanda says:

    most of all i remember the excitement of getting ready for christmas. my mother went crazy baking, decorating, cooking, playing music, creating gifts. i did the same for my own kids. now i am the grandma and i have slowed down to observer. enjoy watching my grandkids get excited, even more fun watching my daughter continue traditions–the gifts are way down the list of priorities.

  8. Chris says:

    Two Christmas memories stand out to me. The first one I was in elementary school. My dad was a long haul trucker that year and wasn’t going to get home until just before Christmas. This created a major problem as he was always the one to get the live Christmas tree and then get the decorations out of the attic. Due to physical limitations, my mom couldn’t access the attic as it was only accessible through a small hole in the closet ceiling. My grandma had a spare artificial tree so mom bought that but still had no decorations. Mom bought a couple strings of lights and bags of package bows and that was how we decorated the tree that year. Dad came home Christmas eve. The second Christmas that stands out to me is my senior year (and this is dating myself) but my parents could barely make the bills and yet some how scraped together the money to buy a boom box for me. I used that machine for over ten years until the volume no longer adjusted down and only played LOUDLY. And it isn’t the item that sticks with me but the love of my parents for me to get this.

  9. Gail says:

    I remember the year I got my generic Barbie and a lot of clothes my mother had made for her. Unfortunately, it was also the last Chrismas that my father (still alive) was around for so I don’t know which of those memories is the one that keeps the other alive. I also remember the year I got a sled for Christmas. NOTE to all parents of teenage girls. NO 16 year old girl wants a sled for Christmas!!!

    This Christmas just past is probably one that will stick in my memory as my son has been home for 10 days, the longest stretch I have seen of him since he left home and his girlfriend has been here also for several days. She is a most charming young lady and we hope she will be in our lives forever! Pesents were generally simple, but it was all about friends and family and getting together and me feeling well enough to make many of our traditional Christmas treats. No one even noticed that I didn’t make fudge, but I did make 4 batches of peanut brittle!

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