Get More Money Without a Second Job

When thoughts turn to getting more cash every month, many people assume that they’ll have to take a second job. That may be true. If your financial situation is dire or if you have your heart set on some big ticket item, a second job may be the only way to get to the necessary level of income. However, it is possible to bring in large sums of money without getting a second job, just by changing the way you currently live.

You can do this three ways (singly or in combination): Sell your stuff, cut your fixed expenses, and find ways to earn money that are not a “job” (online surveys, entering contests, a little freelance work, etc.). The easiest and quickest way is to cut yo


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8 Responses to Get More Money Without a Second Job

  1. All very smart ideas. Finding cash is better than working longer hours on a second job. Money you find that way is “tax free” because it’s all from net pay!

    John DeFlumeri Jr

  2. ceejay74 says:

    Great article! Nice big comprehensive list bursting with ideas. This would be a handy primer for anyone who hasn’t started cutting back and doesn’t know where to start, or for someone who needs to make further cuts to their budget.

  3. MBAbriefs says:

    Great post! A lot of good advice here. Painful, but good. I saw a lot of things I should be doing and have meant to do but have been procrastinating, like switching insurance and changing my cable plan. I never watch cable TV anyway, and my kids certainly don’t appreciate the difference between HD and standard cable. Thanks for giving me a little kick in the butt!

  4. Torrey says:

    I would also check with your employer for employee discounts. Many companies have a long list of companies that will give you discount just for working at your job. For example, I just moved and needed to get homeowners insurance. The lowest quote I got was $1200. I went through a company that give us discounts and saved 400 dollars. Keep doing that and money adds up fast.

  5. Linda Smith says:

    Even doing just one thing on this list would be a savings. Every little bit helps!

  6. Dawn-Marie says:

    We recent;y met with our insurance agent to assess our insurance needs. A few tweaks here and there led to a refund from our premiums. $100 check, not bad with Christmas right around the corner!

  7. Jan says:

    Excellent article! I agree with ceejay74 in that this is a great list for those just starting out on the road to financial freedom and frugality. Thank you.

  8. Gail says:

    When we got our mortgage on our house, I got an amortization schedule and figured out when was the soonest my PMI could be canceled and when I made that mortgage payment I also requested that the PMI be canceled. Banks don’t have to stop that PMI when you reach that ‘sweet’ spot they can let it go another year or two or so before they have to cancel it, so if you don’t pay attention you could end up spending $100 of dollars over the next couple of years until the bank HAS to cancel it. This is an area where it pays to be paying attention as the bank doesn’t refund any PMI it collects.

    Another thing I do to save even though it takes more time since I am on slow dial up is paying what bills I can on line. The savings on stamps adds up and I prefer to use that postage on sending an encouragement or get well card to people as it is a treat to get something real in the mail. Businesses just want their money so they prefer to be paid on line. This is just one of those little things that adds up over time and it is a non-taxable way to have more money!

    If you are on Medicare be sure to double check that you have the best Drug plan for you. You have from November 15-December 31 each year to switch plans. I just switched over plans and my most expensive drug is going from $42 a month to $7.50! Plus my monthly premium is going to be less than I have been paying this year.

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