Lost Cellphone: What Do You Do?

It was bound to happen someday. I lost my cell phone the other day. I had it in the side pocket of my car door. At some point while running errands it must have fallen out and I didn’t notice until I got home. I retraced my steps but I couldn’t find my phone. I even went in all the stores and asked if someone had turned it in. Nope. No only was my phone lost, it was probably stolen, too. It might turn up one day, but I’m not betting on it. To minimize the damage, I had to take a few steps that you should know in case you ever lose your phone.

Call your carrier immediately: They can deactivate the phone so that someone cannot run up a huge bill on your account. If you don&#


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5 Responses to Lost Cellphone: What Do You Do?

  1. Good idea not to store pins and other personal info on the phone!

    Thanks for a great article.

    John DeFlumeri Jr

  2. valletta says:

    These are all great tips.

    Or you can get an iPhone, which has an online remote turnoff feature you can do yourself.
    Also, your phone can have a password so no one has access to your info.
    And the best part?
    When you sync your phone with your computer all your data is automatically backed up so all you need to do is get a new iPhone, plug it in your computer and all your data gets transferred to your new iPhone.
    No manually entering info, etc….

  3. valletta says:

    Oh, one more tip:

    Enter I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) into your contacts so that when someone (police, fire, restaurant, etc.) finds your phone they know who to call to report it.
    People used to leave phones at my restaurant all the time and if they didn’t have ICE on their phone I’d usually call “Mom” :)
    (But then you’re going to get a call from Mom about where you were…haha)

  4. MBAbriefs says:

    Two good comments on the iPhone online remote turnoff feature and ICE numbers – Palm phones also have a free app that will allow you to remotely shut down your phone and entering ICE numbers is a good idea in general.

    My wife has actually lost 2 phones and it was just a matter of logging into my wireless ATT account and deactivating the phone. I bought her a cheap phone off Ebay and ATT sent us a new SIM card.

    I would add to your list syncing your phone with your PC you can store all your phone info. There are a number of 3rd party applications that make this pretty painless.

  5. Tahirarache says:

    When my contract with Sprint is up I intend to get a cell phone without a contract. Do you know of places that one can go to and just buy the phone (a nice smart phone)without entering into a contract?

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