How to Cook Like in the Great Depression

Looking for inexpensive meals on a tight budget? Look no further than Great Depression Cooking with Clara where 94 year old Clara teaches the meals she made during the great depression (the videos were made from the time she was 91 – 94) while telling stories of the past. A great combination that will leave a little extra change in your pocket while making you a healthy meal for about a dollar per serving – here are a few to give you a taste:

Poorman’s Meal

Depression Breakfast

Poorman’s Feast

Dandelion Salad

There are many more videos that you can follow on her YouTube channel at Depression Cooking

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10 Responses to How to Cook Like in the Great Depression

  1. Eileen says:

    Times are tough for a lot of us and we need good ideas on how to survive.
    Being able to cook good meals out of stuff that is inexpensive is a must. Good food and friends. Life is good!

  2. Pat Merritt says:

    Dagnabbit – I can’t see any of the recipes!!!!

  3. Learn to eat inexpensive, but nutritional foods.

  4. SB says:

    I haven’t yet watched the videos, but I already think this woman is awesome. 94 years old and making YouTube videos–wow! Never stop learning.

  5. Margaret Pickett says:

    I would rather have a text copy of the comments and recipes. Most videos are not really audible.

  6. edith desmarais says:

    Thank you for sharing you LOVE! Clara reminds me of my Na Na and she would cook scrambled eggs and hotdogs! Yummie

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  8. Alton says:

    Thank God Clara had FDR as president or she never would have learned to cook.

  9. Tim Flaherty says:

    My aunt cooked like this for me frequently. She never needed a recipe book just fragments of things in the house. She was great at making substitutions in cooking. I still remember her using orange juice in cookies for a great flavor. She remembered traveling in a covered wagon. She died at 99 in 1986. A great teacher.

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