Spend Now to Save In the Future

I’m sometimes guilty of focusing too much on getting something for the lowest price right now. Many people are like this. We want to pay the least amount possible so we hunt for inexpensive items. Whether it’s an appliance or something as simple as sheets, I tend to want the least expensive (but still decent) model I can buy. But over the years I’ve learned that this isn’t always a great strategy. Sometimes I am better off paying more now so that I won’t have to pay as much in the future.

Take something simple like sheets, for example. For years I just bought the cheapest sheets I could get that were still comfortable. But over the years I noticed that the elas


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10 Responses to Spend Now to Save In the Future

  1. Well you’re right about buying quality and durability!

  2. I agree that we sometime save a penny and end up spending dollars. Good quality investment always pays off in long term.

  3. Ben Levy says:

    I always say there are certain things you can’t go cheap on. Two that come to mind are shoes and mattresses. If you are comfortable on your feet and when you sleep you’ll be a much happier, healthier person.
    Great article!

  4. valletta says:

    I agree with this.
    Spending well is like saving.
    I bought some luggage and purses about 20 years ago for a pretty penny in Paris. I now look at it as the best bargain ever. Price-per-wear or as my friend says “buck-a-use” :)
    Certain things are worth buying quality.
    Each of us gets to decide what those things are based on our values :)
    Best buck-a-use? Toothbrush. Free.
    Worst? Generally a wedding dress :) YMMV.

  5. CarolH says:

    I agree with your comments about sheets and clothing. Quality in these categories is important for durability, but just price alone does not make for a high quality item.

    I’ve learned to make decisions based on “bang for the buck.” In our new condo in a converted factory building, we only needed to do 2 things before moving in: paint the walls/ceiling and tile the wall behing the stove.

    Because the ceiling is 20 ft high, we hired a painting company who would use scaffolding to paint. We selected a high end/high price/high quality paint that would do the job in just one coat, saving many hrs of labor costs.

    For the tiling, we priced 3 tiles we liked: #1 cost $50/sq ft, #2 was $25/sq ft; and #3 was $12/sq ft. We went with the least expensive and are happy with it. I don’t envision having to replace it ever.

  6. Omar says:

    My father has always had this mindset of spending more on quality and I didn’t understand it. I have clothes that lasted more than 5 years because of superior quality.

  7. Minny says:

    I depends – if one only has a minimum amount of money one buys what one can afford. Later, when the item gets thin for example, the money may be there to buy better quality.

    I buy good shoes in the sales.

  8. Susan says:

    I totally agree with you, it’s taken a lot of trial and error purchases for me to recognize the importance of ONLY BUYING what you truly love. This is particularly true with clothing. Just because something is on sale and I need it doesn’t mean that I should sell-out for something I don’t really like just because it’s cheap. So my motto really is, “Only buy what you truly love and it will be worth it.” Same goes for a lot of other things in life :)

  9. Kyle Montgomery says:

    I’ve learned this lesson early in life and with my model trains no less. When I was young I found that the $20 engines I would buy would always break on me. I splurged and bought a $100 engine that worked beautifully. It was an odd way to learn to pay for value.

  10. David says:

    Sorry to say I disagree with the computer savings. No matter what you buy now, it will be ready for the trash in two years. It will still work but it will not be up to date. Take a look at today’s laptop for around 500 you get what you need today. 999 for the latest and greatest. I will pocket the 400 and in two years I can buy what i need them. The prices will continue to fall for the standard laptop.

    Just my two cents…………

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