Break the Soda Habit and Save $700 Per Year

Up until a year or so ago I had a pretty bad soda habit. I guess there were others who have a bigger problem than I did, but mine was bad enough. I would routinely drink soda with lunch and dinner, and maybe one in between if the urge hit. I always drank diet so it wasn’t like I was gaining weight, but the soda habit became a problem nonetheless.

I started to have problems with the caffeine. I’d never noticed before, but it started making me jittery and giving me gastric problems. I guess my body couldn’t handle it anymore. I could have switched to caffeine free soda, but I started to have concerns about the sweeteners and chemicals used in soda, as well. (True story: I wa


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9 Responses to Break the Soda Habit and Save $700 Per Year

  1. Save the money, the calories, the carbonation, all that and feel better, too! What an idea.

  2. sewingirl says:

    We have a neighbor who is so addicted to Diet Pepsi, he puts it on his cereal in the morning! GROSS!

  3. Bobby says:

    The ranks of soda addicts are legion. Tea is a great idea–steep your own loose leaf and pack in the antioxidants as a bonus. Congrats on beating the soda addiction.

  4. I recently gave up soda. I will still occasionally drink a soda when out at a restaurant or as a special treat – but never at home – too tempting! It has saved my family a lot of money and more importantly, I feel better!

  5. Scanner says:

    Guilty as charged. My last vice.

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  7. Fe2O3ez says:

    Really, it speaks to almost any vice that a person can have. Soda, chips, cigarettes… It really comes down to the fact that we are paying to support a habit or desire. It only requires a quick calculation of how much is spent on the habit over a month, year, 5 years… to pur things in the right perspective.

  8. Kevin says:

    I am a bad soda drinker. It is bad enough that other people have commented on it. Even my girlfriend comments, “Every time we go someplace you need a soda.” I also drink diet soda. If I am out, I usually go for Diet Coke but at home I drink the store brand diet cola.

    I drink about 1L a day of the store brand. That is over 40c a day and about $155 a year. If I was drinking the brand name stuff, it would be much higher. Then you add in soda machines, 20oz bottles bought at the grocery store ($1.49 after tax), and eating out… and I don’t even want to compute the cost. It’s probably well upwards of $400 a year. Not as bad at $700 but still pretty bad.

    As an aside, I do buy a $1.49 20oz bottle of diet coke to drink on the 10 minute drive from the store and back to my house… where I have soda. I am currently cutting back on the soda I drink. But it’s very hard for me.

  9. Emily C says:

    Excellent article and comments. I am married to a coca cola drinker (39 years). I gave up Coke – but he still carries on…carries on about 70 extra pounds, loss of teeth, gas problems with his system, burping non-stop. Give it up people – clear your system!!!!!! And save $$$$$$

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