Cost vs. Safety

I’m all for saving money, but lately I’ve been focused less on buying the cheapest thing and instead looking at the overall safety and other problems associated with a product. You’ve probably heard about the lead tainted items from China, the BPA found in plastic that can cause hormone disruption, the PFOA found in microwave popcorn and other packaged foods that can cause cancer, the PVC fumes that leach from vinyl shower curtains and can make you sick, and the aluminum compounds in antiperspirant that can cause cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re learning more and more about the chemicals and products that we’


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4 Responses to Cost vs. Safety

  1. Jennifer, you’re correct. It’s not just price, but price vs, “true cost”.

  2. Robert says:

    I usually don’t skip on things that go into my body, like food, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. Same with cars–I want something safe. But if it’s a television or something, I’ll go cheap on it. Great post!

  3. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    I have come across a lot of negative articles regarding Tom of Maine products.
    You are paying even more for a worse product than “Secret.”
    Bottom line is this: what one thing won’t kill ya, the alternative most likely will, so quit worrying about.
    We’re all gonna die someday! 😉

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