When It’s a Good Idea to Pay a Fee

If you spend any time in the frugal/budget world, you’re likely to come away with the idea that you should reject all fees. If it means switching banks, changing how you pay for things, switching airlines, or dumping credit cards, we’re taught to shun all fees. We’re taught to dodge anything that reeks of nickel-and-diming us. But there are times when paying a fee isn’t a bad thing. If the fee saves you money or hassle, makes you safer, or provides you better service, the fee is worthwhile. Just this week I found some examples of “good” fees in my life.

Bill payment: Of all the bills I pay online, only the water bill charges a fee. They don’t take eC


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6 Responses to When It’s a Good Idea to Pay a Fee

  1. Holly says:

    I only have about 6 bills that charge a “fee” to pay online. Four are to my town: water & auto sticker. Since I pass town hall at least 2-3 times/week, I just drop the payment in the box outside. Two bills are local taxes and here the “fee” really mounts up but they take payments by check at a bank. This bank has offices ALL over the area and I am always passing one so I do stop in to pay.

  2. I agree that some fees are worth it. I resolved not to use Ticketmaster ever again, it’s such a waste of money!

  3. Jay Gatsby says:

    It’s acceptable to pay a fee when it will require more time and resources to avoid it.

  4. Fee that we pay (usually upfront) after deciding pros and cons are okay. The ones we should avoid are the one we pay due to neglect or procrastination.

  5. audrey says:

    Like they always say, ‘time is money.’

    Fees are acceptable when the money is truly cheaper than the time.

  6. Never pay ticketmaster for this fee. It’s ridiculous. Just buy off Craigslist or a scalped ticket.

    In fact I don’t think I’m willing to pay a fee for any of these things you’ve listed.

    fight fees!

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