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Now that I have made the decision to start a business, what next? Doing a good job in one’s chosen field usually requires entirely different skill sets and knowledge than running a business. Accounting software? Tracking time? Building a website? Forming a corporation? The list of tasks is lengthy and can be more than a little intimidating. Even more intimidating is the knowledge that chances are very good that you will miss some important task and have to scramble to complete it later on. You can only hope that the tasks you omit are not too damaging to your business.

Of course, if you have the time, you can spend several days, weeks or months preparing a detailed business plan.


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6 Responses to Starting A Business Resources

  1. Ann says:

    LOL You hit on all the ones that I checked out! :-)

    Also, even though things like time-tracking software are very handy, you can always use Excel until you have time to check things out thoroughly. You can easily set up a sheet for each client (full billing info at top), date, description, from time, to time, total hours, out-of-pockets and billed columns with a date for the billing.

    Also, don’t forget to start carrying a small notebook in your car to track mileage for everything from visiting clients to visiting your accountant. Whether you’re charging your client or not, it’s tax deductible.

    I know you from the old days — you’ll do great, Dave! :-)

  2. kenyantykoon says:

    i own a few but i didn’t know anyone or anything about it when i was starting out. it was one of those good ideas- but fortunately i have a lot of time and a way t get that information. so i settled down to weeks, months of research before starting and the rest is history. the most useful resource was the internet(so say the truth the information i got inspired me to start my blog)

  3. A great resources writing. That will help anyone who reads it. Nice going!

  4. spicoli says:

    Even people who are in different businesses can offer help and advice. You should talk to everyone you can. You never know who can help you or who might become a client.

  5. persephone says:

    I find that if you are young enough that your teachers from high school and college will still remember you, they can also be a great resource, as can high school and college alumni groups and career centers.

  6. Becky says:

    Great post! Thanks! I have to agree with Kenyantykoon in that the internet has a lot of great resources out there for people needing information on how to start a business. There are also a lot of great books out there that have proven to be extremely helpful to me.. for instance, Kenneth Eisold has written a valuable book titled, “What You Don

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