The Joy of Doing Things Manually

Over the years of simplifying my life and spending I’ve rediscovered the joy of doing things manually. Years ago I was hooked on every electronic gadget and power tool. If it plugged in and was convenient, I used it. But I learned that the convenience came with a price tag. Not only were the electronic/plug-in models more expensive, they often broke, required replacement batteries, and were often expensive to repair, if they could be repaired at all. They also consumed electricity or gasoline, which was another added cost. Not to mention the noise and pollution that many of the items put out.

As I simplified my life and as those convenient gizmos broke, I tried replacing them with thei


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5 Responses to The Joy of Doing Things Manually

  1. Those little things add up. And they enable us to continue with things when the power goes out sometimes. We get stupid sometimes about electronics that we don’t need.

  2. sewingirl says:

    My kids laugh at me for balancing the checkbook with pencil and paper. About 20 years ago, my calculator was goofing up, and I totally messed up the checkbook before I realized what was going on. I use one once in a while to double check long columns of figures, but the calculator between my ears works just fine, thank you, (never needs batteries).

  3. Love it. I’m with you on most of these items….. like you, all of mine have broken and we aren’t replacing it as it breaks.

    Another (non-financial) issue I have with all of this junk is what to do with it when it breaks? I have a whole drawer full of non-working cell phones. The landfill doesn’t need them!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Regarding the drawer full of old cell phones – contact your local Lions or Rotary club. Many of the clubs recycle the phones for a fundraiser. Helps the community and cleans out your drawers.

  5. mahanda says:

    my children also think i am silly for doing so many things the “old school” way, but at least one son has realized, i save money, the environment, and gain much needed exercise. plus, when doing it myself i receive the bonus of a little self pride.

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