A Life Without Debt: Setting The Example

If you’re debt free, chances are that you are one of the few in your family or circle of friends who is. In the circle of people I know well, only my parents and two close friends are debt free. I’ve met others but of the people I’m close to, I’m one of five debt free people. That’s it. Being such a black sheep (and open about it) means that I’m the one that the other people that I know come to when they want to know about finance and how they, too, can be debt free.

I don’t take it lightly when family or friends come to me, wanting advice or help, or even when they want to whine about money. I don’t always enjoy the attitude they present or t


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7 Responses to A Life Without Debt: Setting The Example

  1. jb says:

    It starts in the mind first. If one wants to be debt free they can do it even if it means declaring bankruptcy and starting over. It’s nice to operate on the plus side of the equation. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Debt is bondage! It should be avoided if possible. It gives you so many more choices if you don’t have the shackles of monthly payments with interest and fees.

  2. mp says:

    one of the hardest things to do is tell someone that “i dont have the money.” yea sure i do have the money but i also want to get out of debt b/c it does hold you back. i have lost “friends” b/c i’m tring to out of debt. oh well, just its very important to me to be out of debt. good post.

  3. Stacy Adcock says:

    My husband and I have only our mortgage debt and we can afford it. I’ve been debt free otherwise for 1 year now and I do all I can to set an example for others. Like telling people I don’t have the money for this or that; truth is, I have the money for what ever I want now I just pick and choose what to spend my money on so that I don’t waste it on all the little stuff (like I did before) and end up in debt again. It’s amazing how you learn to live with less of everything and then you find that life is better that way! I also find that most people don’t really care about pulling themself out of debt, they generally continue living life without making changes and pray that someone bails them out. Sadly none of my friends who live a life of rising debt listen to my advice so I’ll continue to just live life as an example. I think the words “hardwork” and “sacrifice” are just too hard for some folks to swallow.

  4. Robert Adams says:

    After becoming free of consumer debt, it was like a heavy weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I really work hard to save these days. One thing that I did when my 401 started to tank was to get a financial adviser. This guy took what little I had doubled it and doubled it again. That inspired me to start saving more money. Having financial security allows be to enjoy my life more. I really free to help people and inspire people. I dont tell anyone i dont have the money anymore, i dont have to make people feel bad because i am saving money and they are spending like it grows on a tree. It is not taking your money and stashing it under the mattress that frees you to live life. I am not an expert at money, so I found good advice from someone who

  5. Sadie, it always hurts me a tiny bit to watch people using credit cards for a pak of cigarettes, or at the “dollar value meal” drive-in. Cause I know, it may be many months until they pay it off. maybe years!

    John DeFlumeri Jr

  6. Nagel says:

    Great post, Sadie!
    Regarding your closing statement:

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