Cutting the Cost of Lessons and Coaching

When money gets tight, lessons and coaching for the kids often end up on the chopping block. Whether it’s sports, music, or dance, these extracurricular activities are often costly and expendable in hard times. If your child is already in training to be an Olympic athlete or halfway to Julliard these strategies may not work, but for kids who are just starting out at something or into it only for exercise and fun, you may be able to keep the kids involved in the pursuit without crushing your budget. Here are some ideas for reducing the cost of lessons and coaching for kids.

Scholarships/financial aid: Some dance schools, art schools, sports teams, and music schools offer scholarships an


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6 Responses to Cutting the Cost of Lessons and Coaching

  1. Greg says:

    Even if budgets are not tight you have provided some great and frugal alternatives – Thanks for the ideas!

  2. It’s still better for you to get them coaching, because friends you don’t won’t to know about are out there coaching the kids about drugs and such. Good luck parenting today!

    John DeFlumeri Jr

  3. Gail says:

    As a kid who grew up without a single extracurricular activity or lesson, I’ve been appalled for years on this huge emphasis for lessons, coaching, running, running and more running your kids everywhere. Whatever happened to kids learning to entertain themselves and grow and learn from the simple things in life? My kids also didn’t get lessons or run all over and they are now productive members of society just as I am. I think much of this is unnecessary and the first question to ask is do they really need this and why?

  4. I have to agree with Gail. Often times I think that a lot of these lessons are unnecessary! Most of the professionals that you see today didn’t have all of these “special things” as a child (especially as a young child).

    But these are some great ideas to save!

  5. Meaghan says:

    These are great ideas! It would be such a shame to allow your child to miss out on these supplemental pieces of life.

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