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Car Free: Living In America Without A Car

By M Butler It comes as a shock to most people I meet, but I don’t own a car. Three years ago I was thousands of dollars in debt and something had to give. I decided that it would be … Continue reading

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Discount Incentives

Today marks the first day of week two of my consistent trips to the gym. Having run out of all plausible excuses, I now find that I have to match my beloved wife’s commitment to fitness. After eight days, I … Continue reading

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Look at Your Clutter, See Your Money

Recently I was trapped in a hotel on a rainy weekend and I got sucked into a marathon of Clean House. (This is why I don’t keep cable at home. If stuff is on, I just fall into it.) I … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: Am I a More Organized, Responsible Person?

The other day, a friend and I were having a general conversation about personal finance. My friend began by complaining about some debt he has and then he mentioned how he had no idea what he had in his checking … Continue reading

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The Frog In Boiling Water: Don’t Complain, Do Something

I have an acquaintance who is constantly complaining about her dog’s veterinarian. He’s too expensive, customer service is poor, and he’s a pusher of unnecessary drugs and treatments. Every time the dog has to go to the vet, I hear … Continue reading

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How I Make Money Sitting Around

By Linda D. I’m able to sock away an average of $700 a month by sitting around. I wish I could say that I was bright enough to have come up with the way to sit and earn money, but … Continue reading

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