How to Pack A Bar and Make Some Money

What was former congressman and pro baseball player Wilmer Mizell’s nickname? Who played the part of the piano player at Rick’s Cafe American in Casablanca? How did the ancient Egyptians mourn a dead cat? I love questions like this and have spent countless hours over the past four decades reading the backs of baseball cards, watching movies and buying trivia books, just to be able to answer questions such as these.

With such a love of trivia, it should not be surprising that I enjoy participating in trivia contests. Fortunately, here in central Florida we do not have to look far for trivia because The Simon and Gene Trivia Show is busy bringing trivia to the masses four night


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4 Responses to How to Pack A Bar and Make Some Money

  1. Ann says:

    I’ve actually seen some 2-D artists using banks as galleries.

    There are times when it’s helpful to think outside the box. :-)

  2. David says:

    Interesting to read about the beginning of music at the Middle East Restaurant. Now they have room for 550 people to listen to music in their basement.

  3. persephone says:

    A sports bar near my home offers Texas Hold ‘Em (no gambling)every Monday night. The bar pays the dealer and the dealer really packs the bar with patrons. Both the dealer and the sports bar win!

  4. spicoli says:

    Another good bar job is bouncer, especially if you like live music and can get on the security staff at a bar that presents live bands.

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