Healthy Couponing

It’s no secret that I’m a big coupon user. When I mention this to people, I get one of three reactions:

1. “Hey, that’s great, how much do you save?”

2. “You must have a really unhealthy diet because coupons are only for junk food. It’s not worth it.”

3. “You could save so much more if you bought store brands.”

Number one makes me smile because I know I’m in the presence of someone who understands. Number three makes me sigh because I know that store brands are usually cheaper. I only use coupons when the name brand with coupon is cheaper than the store brand, or when I just cannot stand the store brand. I know the game and


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10 Responses to Healthy Couponing

  1. Natasha says:

    I love this article. Sometimes I think we are just too lazy to try to save a little cash here or there, and having something like ecoupons to offer us less excuses to do this!

  2. Jackie says:

    You can certainly waste time clipping coupons or searching online, but you can often do these things while watching TV or chatting online. Mostly, you need to know what you use, roughly the best prices you can get in your local area and then USE THOSE COUPONS. I’ve taken to keeping my coupon folder in my car so I don’t get to the store, find a great sale deal and realize that item wasn’t on my list but I do have a coupon that would really make it a great deal.

  3. whitestripe says:

    i only made the #2 assumption because when i see photos of peoples ‘coupon hauls’, unhealthy food is the majority of what i see.

  4. Nicole says:

    I keep my coupon book in my purse. It’s like my 2nd wallet! I’m finding that I save the most by using ecoupons (you can still use printed coupons on top of these) and in-store coupons (you can find some great deals here…sometimes I think they just want to see if we’re paying attention)! In addition to food, coupons are also very beneficial for hygienic products and household cleaning items.

  5. Maismom says:

    Sometimes people buy “junk” just to make money or get overage.

    For example, I’m getting a bunch of candy bars this week because CVS has “Buy $15 and get $5 back” deal. I’m getting these candy bars for free with coupons, so I’m actually making $5 by doing this. I will use $5 to buy milk and I probably will give out these candy bars to kids on Halloween night.

  6. Cristi Smith says:

    I get this same issue. One thing people also don’t realize is that they may see me buying a lot of items together that are not perfectly healthy. Cereals, condiments, cheese, etc. I don’t generally buy junk just simply cuz we don’t eat it. The thought here though is there are not coupons for everything. Once people get that through their heads they will understand that you need to save where you can with what you can and then you can afford the other stuff. I have approximately 30 bottles of Kraft dressing in my cabinet. I use it for salads and I also use it for marinades. It will last me a while. But for the people that saw me buy it along with the 10 bottles of kc masterpiece probably think I am nuts.

  7. Cristi Smith says:

    Add on… but then again at .08 per bottle of kraft and FREE KC I don’t really care what they think!

  8. Tightwad says:

    $15.00 worth of candy bars?!?!
    In the middle of a recessions?!?!


  9. Laima1 says:

    Hi, I actually track how much I save with coupons- One of the grocery store I shop at often has a ‘get $25 gift card when you purchase $250″ when I get that coupon I stock up on sale items I use regularly or on other non-perishable goods…BTW $250 is not hard to get when you live in a rural area and only grocery shop once every two weeks….

  10. Gail says:

    I no longer get the paper so I don’t have access to those coupons (and I know from experience my paper doesn’t publish enough good coupons to make the subscription worthwhile). We used to get a weekly flier with coupons in it and they stopped that. I don’t get any magazines with coupons. I have no intention of ‘buying’ coupons by mail. Years ago I saved lots of money with coupons and with kids in the house we went through tons of stuff.

    Now I just try to pick up loss leaders, like yesterday picked up 10 boxes of a frozen item that was marked down to Walmart prices and then the grocery ad had a coupon for another $5 off if I bought 10 of the products. Since I would buy them all eventually, I got 10 then and ended up saving over $9 total. I wish I could do more, but I have to tell myself I’m doing the best I can and that is what is important.

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