The Greener, Money Saving House

A friend of mine works for the local newspaper. In the process of writing an article about green home improvements, she stopped by to look around my house since she knows that I am a “greenie.” She wanted me to show her the improvements we’ve made and to give her an estimate of how much we’ve spent. In the process of doing this with her I realized that, while we haven’t put much into the house monetarily (at least not out of the ordinary), we’ve gained big money saving benefits.

When we bought this house thirteen years ago, it was an energy inefficient monster. The windows and doors leaked air, the appliances were old, the insulation was thin, and the ea


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3 Responses to The Greener, Money Saving House

  1. Tightwad says:

    Good article. 😀
    I live in AZ. so most of those things I have already done

  2. Gail says:

    We are now in our third year in this house which hubby built and we have no intention of leaving. I have found that as you experience lving in a home you notice where the hot and cold spots are, when the summer afternoon sun will start a room cooking, etc. As we live here we are learning how to control the heat and cold passively as much as possible. We moved in at the beginning of July and with everything going on in the move, our upstair ‘sunroom’ with 4 large windows didn’t have any curtains so we hung some thick blankets in front of the two biggest windows. By the next year, I had been able to make insulated curtain treatments for all the windows in that room. Amazing how much cooler the room is in the summer and warmer in the winter! By doing the sewing myself and buying the fabric in sale, I got lovely window treatments that matched the room and do a great job insulating and were much cheaper than trying to buy something comparable at the store. I still have more window treatments to make for the house, but there is a limit of how much I can do at a time. I love using my talents and hobbies to help keep the bills lower. That is just one example of what we have done.

    Unfortunately, this year Penelec has estimated every single bill this summer even though it has been cooler than usual and we only started using the AC daily about two weeks ago, we have been paying as if we hadn’t done anything to save. I’m hoping for a big discount on the next read bill as my reading of the meter shows they have estimated us almost 1000kwh ahead of our actual usage.

  3. Meaghan says:

    Nice post…all relatively simple changes that make a huge impact when added together.

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