13 Gifts For Forgotten Occasions

We’ve all done it. Your best friend’s birthday is today and you completely forgot. Your anniversary is today and you haven’t done anything. You forgot to buy a Christmas present for Aunt Imogene and she’s at the door. You don’t have time to pick out a fabulous present, so what can you do, besides the obvious email gift certificate?

Unfortunately, there’s probably no way to disguise the fact that you forgot, or at least didn’t have a lot of time. It’s an unfortunate fact that, in our consumer oriented culture, a homemade gift is code for, “I screwed up. Don’t hate me.” Either that or it’s code for, “I’m broke


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4 Responses to 13 Gifts For Forgotten Occasions

  1. Jay Gatsby says:

    How about a “coupon” for free babysitting for a Saturday evening? Many of my wife’s friends have kids (as do we) and they are quite harried to say the least. Babysitters for a toddler or an infant are expensive ($15-25 an hour), and a good night out will require 3-4 hours to enjoy and unwind a bit, resulting in substantial babysitting costs alone on top of the cost of an evening out.

  2. Justin says:

    Great list of gift ideas. I really like Jay’s babysitting gift. Very useful one.

  3. Gail says:

    I realize that this is against the advice here, but why the compulsion to be giving gifts in these circumstances? I’m always amazed at how many gifts people feel compelled to give because they feel like that got boxed into a corner. I would hate to think that just because I show up to visit someone on my birthday they would think they need to produce a present. What happened to giving best wishes and leaving it at that unless you really really want to bless someone with something special?

  4. Meaghan says:

    These are some really great ideas…and not just for forgotten occasions. Many of these are more thoughtful and meaningful than anything you can buy- (such as a framed memory or a night at your house).

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