Be Careful When Hiding Your Fortune

I used to think it was pretty rare for someone to “lose” a fortune by accident. But lately a few incidents, both public and personal, made me realize that this is a bigger problem than I thought. You may have seen the news about the woman who threw her mother’s mattress away — the same mattress that was stuffed with one million dollars of her mother’s savings. Last year I had an acquaintance “lose” about $200,000 in gold that he had stashed in his house and forgotten about. That is until about six months after the sale of the house when the new owners reported their great find. (No, they didn’t give it back, operating under the finder’s k


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9 Responses to Be Careful When Hiding Your Fortune

  1. Broken Arrow says:

    This is a good entry!

  2. simpleyme says:

    I have read too many stories about banks emtying safe deposit boxes considering them abandoned,even when the person owning it has and active account in a bank I would never keep my valuables there

    funny thing is we do have a”hidding spot” but as far as heirs go they will get plenty when we die if they are unable to claim the couple K and our coin collection and the next people who own our house get it i do not think it is a big deal 😉

  3. Don’t hide them where “helpers” can find them. My husband had $800 given to him while he was wearing a suit. He left it there for the weekend, thinking that was a good hiding spot until he could get to the bank. Meanwhile my mother in law came over (uninvited and unannounced) while we were not home and thinking she would be helpful went through the closet to take things to the dry cleaner. The money disappeared–neither she nor the dry cleaners said they ever saw it. Locks were changed. DH had told her several times not to be coming over like that. Suit didn’t need cleaning anyway and that isn’t the first time something disappeared from her “helping”.

  4. Aryn says:

    My friend’s father was a WWII immigrant who never trusted the banks. One night he decided he was going to die by morning and showed his wife a shoebox with $8,000 in it. When he didn’t die, he was mad about it and moved the money so his wife wouldn’t know where it was. When he did finally die they found $30,000 hidden throughout the house.

  5. anonymous says:

    It’s also common to hear stories about shark attacks. That doesn’t mean that shark attacks are common. You don’t hear all the stories of people who *don’t* lose their fortune.

    For many people, stashing gold at a bank is not an option. The government has confiscated gold before, and there’s no reason to think they won’t again. I also believe in keeping $10K – $20K in small bills at home, “just in case”.

    It’s hidden in plain sight. I too worry about selling the house and forgetting about the money and gold, but the location is such as to make that unlikely.

  6. someotheranonymous says:

    I agree that losing big amounts as described is not really common. It makes the news because it is not run of the mill.

  7. Jens says:

    If you don’t trust one single person, split the info how to find your secrets. E.g. Tell one person the way to a tree and the other the way from that location to the secret, without reveling to the second person where to start.

  8. minny says:

    I know of a charity shop that had the belongings of a person who had died donated to it. The items had hidden inside them, a HUGE amount of money. The money was returned to the rightful owners thanks to the Great British Bobby (policeman) who did the detective work!

    The rightful owners gave a very nice donation to the charity shop.

  9. Tesa says:

    I recently started cleaning out a house of a deceased person I co-owned it with. We decided when we split, he could live there since he couldn’t afford to buy me out as long as he kept it up. The house is a disaster! Filled with junk, counters covered in mouse feces, just horrible. Code enforcement got involved when they had to break down the door to get to him to take him to the hospital where he later died. I called people to come get the furniture. While they were on the way, I moved a chair away from the wall to clean behind it. A friend had been doing it a couple minutes earlier while I waited on the porch for the movers when he had to suddenly leave for lunch. When I moved the chair, I spotted a fifty! I looked closer and turned the chair upside down..out spilled lose bills and envelopes with over $20,000!! I wasn’t in the room when my friend was sweeping and wonder if he pocketed even more!!! The junk people came and took the chair and furniture a few minutes later. The deceased had a will. I don’t know if he mentioned the money in the chair in his will. I sure could use the money I found in the chair to get the house up to code. I had actually purchased the chair 25 years ago. WHO IS THE LEGAL OWNER? Of course, my friend, the sweeper, denied having found any.

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