20 Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

I was talking to a neighbor the other day and she expressed how frustrated she is with her current house and how much she’d like to move. As we talked, it became clear to me that it’s not the actual house, neighborhood, or lot she hates, it’s that the house is older and needs some sprucing up. She feels like things are getting stale and boring, but she doesn’t have the money to completely gut the place and start over, do an addition, or to install lots of pricey countertops and flooring. She doesn’t really want to move, she just wants something newer and more in line with her current tastes. Since moving is prohibitively expensive for my neighbor right now anywa


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13 Responses to 20 Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

  1. Jean says:

    RE: Cabinet knobs. You don’t even have to buy new ones. Just take off the old ones, clean them thoroughly, attach them to a piece of cardboard and spray paint them the color you want.

    And you can lightly sand lighter wood cabinets (mine were “Golden Oak”) and wipe on a darker stain (mine are now “Mocha Brown”). Looks like a whole new kitchen and much easier than multiple coats of paint!

  2. Jay Gatsby says:

    To echo #1, kitchen cabinets can be repainted using a paint with embedded primer. Many faux wood cabinets with the epoxy sealant (big in the 1980s) can be easily repainted this way. Much cheaper than the “cabinet refacing” service offered by many of the cheaper kitchen renovation companies. It’s amazing what some new kitchen flooring and a little paint can do to transform an old kitchen.

  3. Shaun Judy says:

    Nice list of ways to spruce up a home. I like the paint idea as it is not that expensive and sooooooo many options..

  4. Brigitte says:

    Good advice. I’d also throw in to go to the greeting cards section to look cards that can be artwork and simply put into a cheap frame found at a thrift store. Or, buy wallpaper in a pretty pattern and frame that as well. You can even frame scarves! I talk about these types of things too at my blog

  5. Emily says:

    I have the oldest kitchen cabinets in the world – they are metal (white). Could not afford new cabinets so I painted them bright white and have added magnets, family pictures, favorite sayings…etc to the cabinets. Now when family or friends come over they check to see if their pictures are on the cabinets. It has made my kitchen even more colorful, and very inexpensive! Truly a fun thing to do in a kitchen that can not afford much. Plus I bought a blank magnetic calendar page (the kind you can change from month to month by writing in dates and I put the phrase “These are the good old days” on it…surrounding it with pictures – everyone loves the look!

  6. Ameraclean says:

    As far as “Flooring” and always having your home “spruced up”, I think it’s very important to vacuum regularly. Soils and other dry particles won’t get grounded into the carpet. Plus, fresh vacuum lines always add value in the minds of your guests :)

  7. Leila says:

    I found that cleaning light fixtures made them newer and brighter.The brass on my front door was messed up beyond repair so I painted it with brass color spay paint and it looks great.I sprayed a sealant on top.

  8. minny says:

    I love the clean up advice. I was going to repaint my woodwork and washed it in preparation.

    How it gleamed, how it stayed unpainted!

    All it needed was a cloth – as we say in the North of England when something needs cleaning.

  9. Meaghan says:

    good ideas! Paint can really do wonders for sprucing up a room and making it look fresh!

  10. Ruby says:

    Great List, thank you Jennifer for all the clever ideas! The one about plants was just what I needed to remind me that, yes, I have been thinking of getting a new houseplant for a certain room, and now I finally will! :)

  11. simon says:

    Thanx for the tips any suggestions re the exterior of a home and sprucing that up?

  12. Ally Macbeal says:

    Lets move on to the outside stuff!

  13. Lisa Lamb says:

    I love these ideas. Especially in these tough economic times, you can make your home nicer without spending big bucks. Love it!

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