What Advertisers Fear Most

Last week I wrote about trying to find contentment by getting back to a simpler life, one freer from forms of mass entertainment and consumerism. There’s an additional benefit to this than just living a simpler, less hectic life. You are likely to find freedom from the pervasive advertising in our culture. The less advertising you see and respond to, the more money you keep in your pocket.

Think about it: All of our mass entertainment comes with advertising. Video games now feature sponsors within them. Movies make you sit through ads before the film even begins and then there is blatant product placement in the movie itself. The Internet, well, it’s sometimes nothing more than


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4 Responses to What Advertisers Fear Most

  1. Wow, great article. We quit cable a year ago because it was over $100 a month for JUNK….and now that you mentioned it, we HAVE been buying less and definitely eating out less. I just never noticed. Next year I’m goign to homeschool my kids, and I imagine our spending will be even LESS since my kids won'[t be exposed to the peer pressure of what trips her friends are going on and what clothes they got at the mall.

  2. Jay Gatsby says:

    I haven’t had cable TV since 1992. If you do the math, that’s $23,400 (assuming an average of $60 a month for 17 years at 7%). Did I miss it? To a certain extent. I wasn’t as up-to-date on pop culture (e.g., never watched the Sopranos, History Channel, etc…)

    Today, I can get a substantial amount of content for free. Yes, I have to sit through some commercials to get it, but some websites offer a chance to watch a 1 1/2 minute commercial, and then see the entire program commercial free. Is this as easy as plopping myself in front of the TV? Not yet, but it’s getting there. There are also dozens of media download software programs you can use to “slurp” streaming audio/video from the Web. I have a 1/2 terabyte backup drive on which I store many programs to watch later, and have half a dozen 2GB+ memory chips for my phone/PDA to watch things on the go.

  3. Gail says:

    We only have our TV connected to our video and DVD player so no more commercials! I don’t miss them at all and every time I do end up in front of a TV (doctors office) I just shake my head at how stupid the shows and the commercials are. The TV is always too loud to concentrate on reading or any quite activity.

    We canceled cable years ago. I didn’t notice if spending went down as I generally wasn’t real influenced by commercials anyhow, but I don’t miss paying that bill every month. At this point we have probably saved around $3000 just by not having cable. Nor do we take the newspaper that just kept getting skinnier (I do miss the comics and am always happy to find a used paper to read) so that is saving over $100. What do we do with the money we ‘saved’? We keep making ends meet.

  4. Cindy B. says:

    Advertising & marketing is an outcome of capitalism. The economy is based on transactions – buying and selling. Maybe socialism isn’t so bad. It works for the US Post Office.

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