Five Ways To Spend Your Money Wisely

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My family and I have lived in the same house for close to a decade. When we moved here, there were six palm trees on our rather small lot, and I could trim all of them on my own. A few years ago, several of the trees had grown to a height that was just too high for me, so I had to hire a tree service to trim the trees from their extension ladders. As of this past year, two of the trees had grown so tall that they could only be trimmed by someone using a cherry picker like the type that utility workers use. If I were to trim the trees twice per year, it would cost me about $1800 per year to trim my trees!

Needless to say, despite the protests of my homeowners’ association, we are a


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8 Responses to Five Ways To Spend Your Money Wisely

  1. simpleyme says:

    when I bought our motorcycles i thought I was one smart cookie for saving up and paying cash for 2 sweet rides 😉

    I was unaware of what the routine maintanace costs are for a Harley Davidson it was shocking !

  2. t says:

    simpleyme, I understand what you’re saying on the motorcycles. I owned a dirtbike for a while and the upkeep on it while not a nightmare was more than I had imagined.

  3. Ann says:

    I recently had a friend visiting from California. Before he came, he wanted to get a new digital camera — smaller, rechargeable by car battery (’cause he also wanted to use it on fishing trips), etc. He did basic research on-line then visited three stores and tried the top two contenders. He then went back to the computer and did some more research. Between research and going back and forth between two stores, he not only got a fabulous camera that more than met his needs/wants, he also saved more than $150 by buying it from a store that included a carrying case, charger and some other stuff that wasn’t included at another store. I actually found that I have camera envy now ’cause of some of the features his new camera has that my older one doesn’t! LOL And he paid 1/3 what I paid for mine!!!

    I live in the country and have all kinds of critters that like to visit my yard and munch on things. I’ve seen all kinds of electronic things to stick in the ground to get rid of them and was seriously considering getting some, but… I went onto Amazon and found that what they don’t tell you is that most of them don’t last but a year and a bunch of other things. Saved myself a bunch of money (and aggravation) by NOT getting any and going another route.

    Knowledgeable sales people are priceless! For certain things, I’ll actually delay a purchase and come back later, if I have a question, until the person I’m looking for is there. I will never forget going into a hardware store, looking for a certain size of tile/glass drillbit and having a salesperson tell me there was no such thing, when I knew better ’cause I already had a couple that weren’t the right size for what I needed to do next! Sheesh!

    Thanks for the link to epinions, David! That will definitely be helpful in the future.

  4. As a Third Ager, I recommend a 6th way to spend your money wisely. Learn about any on-going special deals at your local department store. At one large store in my community, they offer 10% off all items on the first Tuesday of every month in addition to any discounted specials. Here is a 7th tip. I use a credit card for gas that offers a 2% rebate on gas purchases.

  5. andrea says:

    This is a great list. I know I am probably guilty of buying things from untrustworthy sales people just to get them away from me.

  6. spicoli says:

    I think this is good advice, but it all just boils down to making sure that you know what you are buying when you make a purchase. You cannot buy anything in a vacuum and expect to have a 100% success rate.

  7. Persephone says:

    I like to do all of my research on-line. The reviews at Amazon are a great way to get information.

  8. Vic says:

    True. We need to pay attention and do some research. Knowledge and educating ourselves will help us make the right financial decisions.

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