Procrastination: 100+ Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Reading This

I’m making an assumption that you really shouldn’t be reading this post because, well, you’re doing exactly what you shouldn’t be doing. If you were looking for specific information to help you with your finances, you should be reading about that topic rather than this post about why you shouldn’t be reading this post.

One of the biggest obstacles that people need to overcome when getting their finances in order is their urge to procrastinate. Not taking the financial steps you know you should be taking today can result in such unnecessary expenses as late penalty fees, making unnecessary purchases or simply paying more for the things you need. Most people know


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6 Responses to Procrastination: 100+ Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Reading This

  1. David G. Mitchell says:

    Great compilation!

    My 8th grade history teacher had the following on his wall:

    “Time will pass, but will you?”

    I think that belongs on your list, too!

  2. Jim says:

    I was going to read this article, but alas, I Procrastinated.

  3. I knew there was something I was supposed to read today – now what was it?

  4. Meaghan says:

    What a great thing to read while procrastinating!

  5. ThiNg says:

    I’m going to read this article first thing…tomorrow…

  6. JA says:

    What a wonderful compilation! Thanks for putting all of these in one place, I will bookmark and use them as a cattle prod when I am dilly-dallying.

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