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A Life Without Debt: Is Money Too Important?

I was accused the other day on another financial site that I frequent of caring only about money. I was responding to a poster who was asking about the benefits of being debt free, because the person couldn’t see that … Continue reading

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The Tipping Leak

I recently spent a week at a relative’s house. When she went out shopping or to eat I went with her and I was astounded at the amount of money she left as tips in her wake. This relative has … Continue reading

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What My Mother’s Illness Taught Me About Personal Finance

When my mother became ill a few years ago, I did what all adult children usually do: worry and think, “She has to be OK! She’s the parent.” Finances, however, didn’t enter my mind. It was interesting to note that … Continue reading

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A Perfect Game: It’s Time To Break Down Barriers

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