Saving Money on Groceries with the Coupon Mom Method

The only thing I used to do to save money on groceries was to make a list before each shopping trip and stick to a monthly grocery budget. I didn’t use coupons because I figured I saved more money by purchasing store brands (preferably store brands on sale) and shopping at discount stores and farmers markets. I wouldn’t buy everything on my list sometimes — if something was too expensive that week, I would either do without or substitute for something cheaper. I didn’t clip coupons and I didn’t even get the weekly grocery ads in the mail because I had unsubscribed from them and every other conceivable form of junk mail.

Then I learned about the Coupon Mom, Steph


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8 Responses to Saving Money on Groceries with the Coupon Mom Method

  1. Neil says:


    What excellent advice. Having been through redundancy a couple of years ago my wife and I suddenly started paying attention to prices/sales/coupons. I don’t think we managed a 75% reduction but we did save a lot of money. Watch out for stores that try and fool you by doubling the price of something and then offer a 2 for 1 deal :)

  2. SaveBuyLive says:

    I’ve found that coupons basically reward flexibility. The more flexible you are concerning what brands you buy and what meals you make the more you can save.

    Couponing kind of falls apart if you want a specific flavor of yogurt only made by one brand and carried in one store. Or will only buy brand XYZ orange juice. You can still save money with coupons, you just won’t save as much.

  3. Aleta says:

    Although the inflated prices from the grocery store are high; they are what you will pay if you need the item at the time you are in that store.

    Combining manufacturer’s coupons, grocers coupons and sales is the way to save on grocery shopping. Also buying in bulk when itmes are on sale is a huge savings as well.

  4. Monika says:

    Good article.
    We eat organic, and too bad there aren’t that many coupons for organic groceries.

  5. Victoria says:

    Great article. I love coupons.. They have kept my family a float during the lean times.

  6. Brenda Stinson says:

    Is this the website that I seen on tv last week where the lady said we could tyoe our zip code and it would tell us when was the best time to buy certain items? I saw a little of the show maybe one of the 20/20 shows.

  7. Pamela says:

    I make list too as my means to save. But when I discovered using coupons.. Wow, what a big saving it is giving me… Share the coupon love.

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