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A Life Without Debt: Freedom from FICO

One of the benefits of a life without debt is (some) freedom from the gods at FICO. Because I don’t do debt, my FICO score is not as important to me as it is to some and that takes a … Continue reading

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Respect Abundance and Receive More

I heard an interesting comment the other day from an unexpected source. The person said, “If you respect the abundance you already have, you’re more likely to get more. Whereas if you dismiss what you already have, you are likely … Continue reading

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Why It’s Important to Complain

I recently described my frustration in dealing with a reservationist at a higher-end hotel chain. The reservationist was seemingly incapable of determining the best rate for which I was eligible. Unfortunately, my problems with the reservationist were only the tip … Continue reading

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Divorce and Finances: Lessons of Being A Financial Single

It doesn’t take an economic downturn to challenge the best financial wizards – it can be something as simple as the end of a relationship. When two people separate, their financial lives separate as well. Each person assumes more financial … Continue reading

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A Day of Waste

Have you ever thought about how much money people waste in a given day? Today, I tried to keep track of all of the waste that I witnessed and I was rather surprised, given our economy, how cavalierly people will … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Multiple Income Streams That You Control

Many people are totally dependent on their (or their spouse’s) “regular” job for all of their income. This is a risky proposition even in good times, but especially now that jobs are being cut left and right. When that one … Continue reading

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