10 Seconds to Free Stuff

Last month, I registered my e-mail address with a local pizzeria. It took me all of ten seconds and, for my trouble, the pizzeria entered me into its daily contest to win a free lunch. Every day since I registered, I have received an e-mail announcing the pizzeria’s daily specials and the name of the person who won a free lunch. Yesterday, the winner of the free lunch was . . . . me.

I know a free lunch may not be a huge prize, but it saved me $10 yesterday and that is not a bad return for ten seconds of effort. If I could earn that kind of return for one hour of my time, I would make $3,600! That is more than most people earn in a month, I think.

Entering contests on the Interne


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6 Responses to 10 Seconds to Free Stuff

  1. Ann says:

    I’ve never won on those kinds of things, but about once a month I’ll buy a lottery ticket just for the heck of it. Surprisingly enough, I’ve had small wins on that! LOL Just enough to pay for my occasional ticket.

    The pleasure comes in the dreaming of what I’d do if I ever won big. Chances aren’t very good, but, so long as my small winnings pay for the dreaming, it costs me nothing and is a bit of fun.

    Oops! One correction. :-) To help out a charity event of a co-worker, I did buy a raffle ticket once and ended up winning a tiffany style lamp, which goes great with my antique furnishings. I did it ’cause it was for a good cause and was actually shocked that I’d won! LOL

    It’s those little, unexpected wins that make life interesting.

  2. fern says:

    It’s a waste of time to enter national contest or those otherwise on the internet. You’ll never win.

    I do enter contests when i see them when they’re local, like the quilters in my hometown doing a raffle for a quilt, and that sort of thing. Your odds are more like 200 to 1 vs 2 million to 1.

  3. Persephone says:

    Contests are fun, but now I always consider the tax aspects before I enter. Once I won a vacation (which I did enjoy), but when the 1099 came along I was surprised. In retrospect, I woudn’t have claimed the prize had I contemplated the tax liability.

  4. Tom says:

    I generally enter contests run by organizations I believe in or would support anyway, even if I didn’t have a chance of winning anything. So nearly every contest I enter has some sort of entry fee. If I win, great. If not, well at least I know the money’s going to a good cause. As you can imagine, I enter a lot of raffles, and I’ve won a lot of terrific prizes, including but not limited to: wine, movie tickets, concert tickets, dinners, theater tickets, books, magazine subscriptions, and a gas card.

    I’ve never won anything so valuable that I had to pay taxes on it. But that reminds me of something that isn’t directly related to this thread but is kind of interesting anyway: Back in high school, a friend of mine won a super expensive car from a Boston radio station during a call-in show. She didn’t enter any contest. She just called the station and answered some music trivia question. I’m pretty sure she won either a Ferrari or Lamborghini. She was in high school and couldn’t afford the taxes or insurance, so she opted instead for a less valuable cash prize. Her family built an addition on their house with the $$$. Another friend of mine won $1000 from the same station–just for being the right caller at the right time. So call those radio stations!

  5. Horlic says:

    Congratulation to you! I wish to be next one.

  6. spicoli says:

    I’ve entered a lot of contests but I have never won any. I suppose it would be worthwhile if I ever won anything that I could use.

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